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i was bored

Done WithAHighMagnitudeOfFlagPoleGlitches
soutout to drifting xbox one controller

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nice, gg
The best is that with the controller there and all of that I just cant found the "splits", i mean, you literaly can say thats a normal legal run and it seems nice for me lol (in except of that is an extremely nice time of course)

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this is more an human theory than a real run, that is why it is on pellson rom. btw xbox controller registers up randomly

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Looks like this is where the current human limit can go. Good.

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I was fooling around with a warpless run, i guess TASing (cause of rewind), but instead of having to bump into the spring in 2-1, you can do a walljump and not get fireworks, not a accel walljump, a regular one only.
Cause then you'd get fireworks from a accel

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i'll see if i can make a video soon

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Unless it gets 347, it would just be more difficult to do @Mruns_05Mruns_05 Keepo

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