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ok so i made a nice run where i get 0 kills, 0 deaths, 0 items
but 1 coin, and that 1 coin is more impressive than the jump you do to avoid it.

also, for level 4-1 i think, the world record time is 340,
and i beat it and got 341 on the timer:

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isn't this just minimum points + 1 coin

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think so, but the coin is harder than the wall jump glitch


You got 341 because you're running on the PAL version and not NTSC.

It's not minimum points because you'd wait for the timer to nearly expire if that was the case. It's possible to still grab the flag when the timer is showing 0.

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your backward jumps are really strange for rta, you not losing time.
anyway, real time world record for 4-1 was "341" very more time for NTSC version as well as for PAL. For NTSC "341" you need fast entry certain pipe. Also TAS can get "342" 4-1.
1 coin looks like really nice.


Cool! Almost coinless pacifist run. Now try do the same but without warps.


ok thank you guys, maybe i'll make more of these, that 1 coin jump was insane!


You did 1 kill not 0, you killed bowser