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I think that the world record could go down to a 4:54.596 because of the three framerule saves that are theoretically possible to pull of those being the 4-2, 8-1, and 8-2 saves and it could go down further with a super fast 8-4

IDK tho

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the 8-2 framerule has been saved by i think 7 people and the 8-1 framerule by over twenty. However, to achieve the time you mentioned, people are going to do a faster 8-4 instead of doing one of those hard tricks in a run.

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Kriller37 once did get that 4-2 top clip, that can save a framerule in 4-2, if done correctly

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He did get the clip, but he didn't complete the level in a single segment, so it doesn't count

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that's true, but now we know is possible to humans to achieve it.

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@Nebula_ComposerNebula_Composer So you're saying that just because he didn't finish the whole level no one's gotten the clip? I hope I'm misunderstanding you bc that's completely false.

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Kriller got the clip, yes, but he did it as big Mario, meaning it isn't possible with maintaining WR pace into 4-2

edit: i just realized you're talking abt top clip, that's awkward, i forgot that existed
yes it hasn't been done full level
iirc it's possible but kinda hard and by kinda i mean WutFace

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@Mars02Mars02 he did get the clip, but he didn't finish the level so that doesn't count as a saved framerule. That's what he meant.

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Oh, ok.

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So, who’s going to do this?

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What about Darbian or Kosmic?

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kosmic stated that he is pretty much done with the game unless something major is found in the game

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@RealTPVRealTPV It really comes down to how dedicated the most dedicated person will be to the game. At least 4:54 will happen because I know that I will be dedicated enough for 4:54
4-2 framerule save could happen, as better and better setups are being found, one person would eventually save the 4-2 framerule

The level of effort it will be taking is about 10X what the top players are already/have done, as tens of thousands of attempts turns into hundreds of thousands of attempts just to achieve a 4:54, then more hundreds of thousands to add 4-2 framerule save
After all framerules have been saved, it may be tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands more attempts to pull off more PBs with faster 8-4s, and as we approach the No L+R TAS of 4:54.26, people would be approaching numbers of millions of attempts

Who's up to do millions of smb1 any% attempts tho? I might be to get and stay at the top. But you would be dedicating your life at that point.

just when you thought it was the end of my post, I'm going to say lets do some math
With the current knowledge we have, we can get pretty close to the No L+R TAS
Lets say the most dedicated person is willing to do up to 2 million attempts of smb1. This is 6 hours worth of smb1 attempts every day (average 36 seconds per attempt) over 9.1 years.

Someone doing that much work is going to be very consistent, so more numbers
Lets say they are
65% consistent at 1-1
60% consistent at 1-2
70% consistent at 4-1
5% consistent at 4-2
15% consistent at 8-1
5% consistent at 8-2
65% consistent at 8-3
That would mean 1/15027 runs would get on pace to 8-4
but lets say it takes 1 million attempts to get to that consistency, and within that number of attempts you get say 5 runs on pace to 8-4 before the last million, so you really have 1 million attempts, with every 15,027th attempt getting to 8-4 on pace
You would be able to get 66 more runs tied with the TAS pace entering 8-4.
So then the question is what the best possible 8-4 you could achieve, with years of hard dedication under your belt and 71 chances to snag it
I would say an 8-8 8-4 (an 8-4 23 frames faster than somewes) would be possible within 71 chances.

So the theoretical limit I think would be 4:54.364 (I have no clue the actual decimal) if someone buckled down and dedicated their life to smb1 for 9 years

@Linny356Linny356 I don't think darbian would take this game any further than low 456 if he came back, but that would be really cool if he did go for 4:55 someday
i highly doubt he would go for 4:54 tho because that's insane and requires dedication for extended periods of time.

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