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I want to buy a ntsc nes to run this game, but it's pretty hard to get one in Norway. The best one I have found apparently has two chipsets, one for ntsc and one for pal. All parts are original, the only change is the extra chipset and a switch to change between them. I don't know what region the console originaly was from. I know the rules say that I need an "Original NES", but this is basicaly original. Thanks in advance.

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I have never heard of this kind of setup. Something seems really weird about that.

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yes it does, but I don't have much info about it, since I found it online


Do anyone know if this is allowed for runs of this game?


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This game operates on a very strict whitelist of approved hardware and emulators. If it's not on the list it's not allowed.

Given that it's a modified NES - I'd assume it would not be allowed. It's definitely possible, maybe even probable that the NES you're referring it operates in an unchanged way from an original NES. However, it's also possible something is different, since... It's different.

Long story short, sorry you have difficulty getting a console, but I don't think that one will be approved. You can play any of the approved emulators or try for expensive shipping of an original NES - or play virtual console on switch or wii

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