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BizHawk have 2 cores for NES
NesHawk is like almost twoce much heavier on PC, so Question 1: Do somebody know if NesHawk more accurate for SMB1 then QuickNes?
Question 2: Can you PC stream NesHawk at 60 FPS at least 360p (maybe 480 is most optimal, becuase HD don't help smb1 a lot)? Please test stream of NesHawk and write here the result.
P.S goal of this questions is currently secret, hopefully, will explain it soon.


I don't think any speedrun legal emulator would have any problem streaming 480p on any modern PC/


Stream quality at certain settings is probably going to be more dependent on your internet speed rather than the programs you’re running.


@Novawolf, But hard programs can't ever stream on slow computers.