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I just found a way to do 4-3 FPG.
Is it too hard for humans to do?


This is a TAS.


Very much not reliable cause you have no way of telling how many left press you do.


This tells more about the inputs.


It's not even close to being doable once by a human


Here's an easier setup:

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What is that? D60?


There is already a setup that's about as easy as it gets:

Let me also throw in one more just for the heck of it:
Run off of the last moving platform, land without holding B, start holding B again on the frame you drop to walking speed, and then do your preferred jump to the flagpole (e.g., 1-frame jump on frame 70).

Kind of awkward so probably won't ever be used (at least not over the other setup), just something I found while messing around with it briefly just now.

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