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Any tips for getting started speed running SMB1 ?
Is there an AutoSplit available for use with LiveSplit?

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I cant find ant auto splits but after a while you will get used to split timing 😉 If I were you I would just stick with darbians tutorial and then add your own little mix into it if some things seem to hard for example, I made my own wrong warp (its on the forums) and then my 8-1 has a different route. Just pick off the thorns 😛

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Check the "Guides" tab on the left. Also, join the discord server and feel free to ask any questions you have
There are no autosplitters for this game as of yet, but if you're playing on FCEUX there is a lua script you can use that works as a timer. I'll put it in the "Resources" tab shortly after I post this


I've got FCEUX, but have been working on BizHawk as well. Do you know if the lua script would work with BH? It looks like it accepts LUA scripts.


blubbler gave me this lua script for bizhawk:

Hope this helps!