@DarpeyDarpey ik we're getting off topic but also don't be too hard on urself, ur fine

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It's fine to just learn it. I have a 4:59.989 and can do fpg somewhat consistently.

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I would fool around with the cool looking tricks once you have around a 5 flat tbh. It helps to understand more about the game at around that level, and trying to clip into random walls is really fun imo. I wouldn’t implement an fpg into runs until you’re going for 4:57, and I would just do it to save a 379 underground. Don’t be like me and have an obsession with getting fpg in your 5:42 runs.

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What I do to runs categories is to learn every single hard trick consistently and master it for runs, and which is why I ask for the harder tricks

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I don't have a AISSON run or Any% run yet because of learning the hard strats but, when I complete the first any% run, I might get around sub 5:30

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@Mruns05Mruns05 nothing wrong with learning those tricks, just keep in mind that the other ~4:45 of platforming in a 4:55 is equally important, and the hard tricks are much less impactful without the rest of the run pretty tight. Also just make sure you're having fun because this game, if learned in sequences/increasing difficulty of tricks, has so much to offer on the side not involving constant glitches and .35 timesaves

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I will always have fun playing this game, thanks @caleb2112caleb2112

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"I learn every hard trick consistently"

If you start out trying to learn flagpole glitch consistently, trust me in saying that you will not have a great time. It's a trick that takes people months to master, and learning it when you don't even have a pb will be so much harder on yourself than needs be. The reason why there are so many mid 457s yet so few low 457s / 456s in comparison is that people don't want to put in the time to learn the trick, so learning it when it's completely unnecessary will make you burn out faster than a candle being dropped into the Atlantic Ocean.

If you want to do flagpole glitch a few times in practice for fun then, sure, go for it. However, you really shouldn't expect to get any consistent at it without putting literal weeks of solid practice in, which you should bare in mind at your level.

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Yeah that will be the last thing I'm doing lmao
too hard, and what I do is go to frame advance to land at the first pixel, full jump then save state before the clip

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For a bit more context, when I first started playing, I was just messing around and got fpg on my third attempt at it (a complete fluke basically). I thought “hey this trick is free! Let’s do it in runs even though I have no pb because that’s obviously a smart idea.” I would get it every now and then, and my consistency was surprisingly good on some days, but I just couldn’t get a pb. I eventually stopped going for it, and I went from a 5:42 to a 5:10 in around 5 days. Don’t be like me please

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Ok, something controversial is about to happen
So there's this thing called the mentality. The mentality is a way of thinking. The way of thinking is able to change (believe it or not).
Something that I disagree with is burnout. Most people say that burnout happens when you work too hard.
Ok, then, people also say that if you go for too much in runs, as in start trying to add too much to your runs, that will also lead to burnout.
well, I disagre
You could burn out long before you even get to sub 5, or not burn out even if you grind for 5 days a week 3 hours a day for 40 days on FPG while hating the whole process and seeing absolutely no improvement on the other side.
It's all about mentality

If you play the game, and you find yourself improving and you like the process of that, there's not going to be a high chance of burnout
If you grind the game, lets say you start grinding FPG and you find it really hard and you don't like the process of grinding the tricc, and you don't have much interest in grinding smb1 other than fun, there's a high chance you'll get bored of the tricc or smb1 pretty quickly.

Well, that makes sense, but what if you look at each scenario differently?

Lets say you play the game, and you find yourself never playing as good as you want to. All you want is a sub 5 and you're so far away from it, that the improvement now seems pointless and you'll "never" get there. There's a high chance of burnout and you getting bored of smb1 in this scenario.

Lets say you grind the game, lets say you start grinding FPG, and throughout the whole process you just keep telling yourself "wow, now I'm starting to be like the cool kids at the top level doing all these cool lookin hard triccs!" and you take note of every little improvement, such as the fact that the first hour you were grinding FPG, you got it once, but the second hour you were grinding, you managed to pull it off twice! Now imagine you could continue this mindset, there's not a high chance of boredom or burnout to set in.

In those 2 scenarios, you are doing the same thing, but the difference between whether you burnout or stay motivated is just how you perceive the situation.
e is a number
I should listen to myself

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