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Hi, im RyanGames. I never done a SMB run, but I'm practicing and think I would get like a 5:20 when i do one. Im mostly a Hypixel Minecraft Speedrunner. Yeah you probably don't know what that is... so a couple days ago I found this thread for SMB Category Extensions where you can submit unofficial stuff for 1-1. So i thought i can make a level leaderboard on a google doc!
Rules :
You must have your name, your time, and video proof. If you want a comment go for it.
No hacks/TASes.
Start timer when the level appears. (Not where it says #-# Mario x#.) End when you hit the goal.

Google Doc Link :

It also includes a chat section on the bottom


pls dont ban this again there is a chat section


Yeah why are you posting this several times? We can see it in our notifications box the first time and in fact most of my notifications show people responding to other copies of this thread.


A recent update deleted all runs and forum posts that were made around april fools' day. The original forum post was pry deleted because of that update.


@Mars02 i reuploaded it because @roopert83 deleted it and I wasn't doing a 1 and 1 conversation anymore because I clearly said Chat Section has been added to the doc and you can chat in the doc and not in the forum


I don't know why I'm entertaining this, but let me advise you that having a public Google Doc in which anyone on the internet can access and freely edit is a really bad idea.

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@roopert83 well yeah but I have it so anyone with the link can edit


@RyanGames I would suggest making it on suggest with the link so people just cant delete everything and you can verify the runs.


Yeah like I could go in and delete everything on that document. But I'm not since that's a stupid thing to do.

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@Darpey but they dont have frame-perfect timing tho dont they (except for 8-4)


@B1GEY3DPYTH0N sorry i fill you're notifiacations but I had to remake it because @roopert83 deleted it but I was not doing a 1 on 1 conversation anymore because I said I made a chat section.