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An organization called GG is hosting a warpless tournament. Registration closes this Saturday, October 6th. It's best of 3 and double elimination. There's a minimum $50 prize.

We've had 60+ entrants for warpless in the past, I hope we can get quite a few this time as well!

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I would if I actually knew how to run Warpless, I am more into any% than warpless. I may participate next time 🙂
I need to practice warpless a bit before I part take in anything like this. 🙂


In. Thanks for posting Kosmic


When is it? Page didn't load correctly.


does it say when the actual tourney is?


~ Starts "in October" (they didn't give an exact date)
~ Sign-Up Closes October 6th (this Saturday)
~ "minimum" of $50 prize pool
~ Best of 3 / Double Elimination
~ Exact time for runs appears to be scheduled by the competing runners themselves
~ Seeding determined by ranking on warpless leaderboard of

Requirements to sign up:
~ Must have a verified warpless run on
~ "know how to use SRL" (
~ "Join the GG discord"


Something that hasn't been mentioned (which admittedly is easy to find if someone looked at the site) is that this tournament will be streamed on Mixer. It isn't a requirement that you stream on the service, but the main restream will be on Mixer. This is directly at odds with Twitch's exclusivity clause for affiliates/partners (in that content broadcast on Twitch cannot be on other services for at least 24 hours), so bear in mind some of the complications this may cause.

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I thought that was for things such as exporting your vods to YouTube and the likes? I suppose this may be some sort or gray area or it is actually defined somewhere?


At least according to the affiliate agreement:

Specifically the section "During the Exclusivity Period of any Live Twitch Content, you will not, nor permit or authorize any third party to, broadcast, stream, distribute, exhibit and otherwise make available such Live Twitch Content in any manner. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you have the right to make any Live Twitch Content available, during the Exclusivity Period, solely via the Twitch Services." expands on the exclusivity of streaming content.

For further clarification, it is talked about in the Affiliate FAQ:

"The exclusivity clause does not otherwise restrict Affiliates from using other streaming platforms to do live streaming. For instance, an Affiliate is permitted to start a stream on Twitch and, after ending that stream, immediately start a new, separate stream on another platform -- assuming the Affiliate is not also using Twitch to broadcast that same content at the same time."

The last sentence outlines specifically that you cannot use Twitch to broadcast at the same time as you are on another platform.

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So is it like just comparing your personal PBs to other's PBs live because @roopert83 's comment kinda confused me.


Let me try to explain a little better what I meant.

I know that you can't stream yourself to say Twitch and YouTube Gaming at the same time through something like the thing where you can watch your stream live on either platform. I didn't know if it violated the rules for someone to capture your stream live like in tournament situations and use that on another platform. According to those terms, it seems that you cannot permit someone to do that. It might be worth asking Twitch for a clarification for such a situation as I'd like to be 100% for certain on that.


i might just make a mixer account to be safe honestly ktanenDab


we could just use alt accounts if this just effects partners/affiliates


Hey everyone!

I'm one of the creators of TeamGG, and I saw some of your concerns and came here to address them.

We just finished a speedrun marathon a week ago, and most of the runners were doing their run on their twitch channels, as far as I know, that clause is to restream the exact same content, since we are just taking the video feed and putting it in a completely different layour, with commentary as well as most likely, different audio (per second interval due to commentary and potentially the audio alternating between the runners) no one seem to have an issue.

However, for your own protection, we can provide with alternate stream keys just for your run during the race and that way you can avoid falling in any gray areas or any issues with your own account.

We are rebranding GG after this first marathon thou, and while we will keep the Mixer streams, we are also going to be using Twitch for this tournament at the same time as Mixer and see how that works for us as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, we already have our first match scheduled for this Wednesday, we hope you guys have a blast.

This is a very important event for us since this is one of the most established communities, and having your support for one of our very first events its major for us, so we really want to bring as best quality as possible and are open for any feedback you guys might have.


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Xerox vs Supersonic tonight at 8pm central time

Darpey vs GTAce Friday at 4pm cst to see the matches

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I Really gotta learn warpless SeemsGood
Mmhh maybe sometime later. Keepo