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Because I want to improve the speedrunning community, I have decided to start my own server for SMB1-related speedrunning and TASing (although you are free to talk about other games as well).

The invite can be found here: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​wPt8twK

My goal is to improve upon the organization of the SMB1 speedrunning community and provide a better place for people to discuss strategies and help each other get started with the game. There are many server improvements compared to the existing server. To obtain Runner and/or TASer roles, you may use the Reaction Roles bot in the role-request channel.


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I worried ever so slightly that this would break rules regarding thread bumping, but I suppose this is important enough.

With all of the new strategies that have been found recently, I would appreciate some help in formally documenting them all. At the moment, new setups for different clips, flagpole glitches, etc. have been scattered all over the place, and I am unable to keep track of all of them.

The goal is to compile these resources into one place so all runners can easily access them for future reference. Thanks.

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What discord channel do you want the setups to be sent in?

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