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So I just got my first sub 5 yesterday, it's still awaiting verification though. But I was wondering which hard trick should I learn first, BBG or FPG? Which one is easier?


Don't even bother with any of them before you go for a 4:57, after that most people learn bbg as it's easier and saves more time over fpg.

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GG's on the sub 5!
Pexxio is quite right, but in any case, definitely BBG: by diference the easiest of the "hard tricks" group you could name in this game (others like fpg, blazit...), and saves 2 framerules (almost any other thing save 1)
then you also have for example blazit or 1-2 pipe clip, that kinda depends of the person

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@PexxioPexxio isnt bbg required to get 4:57?

without fpg strats ofc


@SavirTheSpeedrunnerSavirTheSpeedrunner Basically, after runners get Mid/Low 4:58 (By normal Framerules + 1-Frame Walljump), they add in BBG to save 2 Framerules, and thus get something like 4:57.6xx.


I'd say don't mess with the flagpole glitch until you get more like a 4:57 ish, but that's just me. bullet bill clip is a lot easier, so that's def worth learning before flagpole glitch. but honestly, movement is so much more important anyway, and without the fpg or the bbg, you can easily get 4:56 or lower. perfect your movement, then learn bbg first.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys. Much appreciated


I would say the progression should be Sub 5 (gg btw) > 4:58.3xx (1f 8-4) > 4:57.6xx (BBG). That’s the route I’m taking anyways…as far as after that goes, I would probably start with Blazit, I find it easier than FPG once you start to get consistent inputs. Also @ApianbelleApianbelle you definitely cannot get with no FPG or BBG…even with Lightning 4-2 and TAS 8-4 you are looking at 4:57.2xx or something


@Binsky48 I personally am a micro-PBer and i want to have a progression, so I'd go Sub 5 > Mid/High 4:58 (2f wj) > Low/Mid 4:58 (1f wj) > 4:57.9xx (BBG + 2f) > 4:57.6xx (BBG + 1f).
I might directly jump from Low/Mid 4:58 to 4:57.6xx, not sure, but im definitely doing the route before that.


@Binski48Binski48 GGs on sub 5! Clean up your 4:59 to get 4:58 then do BBG for 4:57.


Ok unpopular opinion here: you should learn FPG. Not to implement in runs since you can get a low 4:58 without any hard tricks, but more to save runs that have a bad 1-1 underground or even get 4-1 FPG if you slowed down too much in 1-2


8-3 fpg Kappa

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You should learn both. BBG you could probably get in about a minute by just jumping at the bullet until it works, while FPG requires more finesse. Don't worry at all about adding them into runs until you have at least a mid 458 however, and ideally you should get ~4:58.3 with one frame wj before adding any hard tricks

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You can learn hard tricks withiut actually do then in a speedrun. I know how to do blazit clip and fpg, but my best speedrun is 6:30. So learn tgen, but you don't have to use them.