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After an extended period of time, the RTA Rules TAS has finally been improved. The new time is 4:57.54 from power-on, which converts to 4:54.26 using RTA timing.

The improvement comes from the turnaround room in 8-4 and stopping on the floor one frame earlier while still being able to scroll the screen far enough for the wrong warp to work. The improvement is very precise and depends on subspeed values ($705) because if the subspeed is not optimized, then it is impossible to scroll the screen far enough.

Not all levels were completely optimized for speed. There is a small improvement to 1-2 and several frames can be saved in 4-2, but those improvements do not mean anything due to the framerule. I also did not bother to optimize subpixels upon performing the 8-4 walljump or accelerating towards the pipe in the turnaround room.

Here is a video:
Here is the input file:

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