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In TAS, at the end of 1-2, the player will always clip through the wall, no matter in what ways. Now, I don't know if this trick can save time in a real time speedrun, but if it can, someone must try it. I watch Darbian stream and I've seen him done a corner clip for fun.
Go to 0:58 of the video. The timed share doesn't work for some reason.


its not that easy to do , it need pixel perfect and frame perfect inputs and has very low probability of success.


So does FPG and fast 4-2 (I think).


FPG and fast 4-2 has 30% success rate , but that clip is very hard trick to do


Yes, every any% framerule has been matched without left+right. The only thing left+right really saves is a few frames in 8-4.

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