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Just wondering


They probably aren't allowed. all of the accepted emulators are listed in the rules, and Retron wouldn't be original hardware considering is isn't an actual NES console


But I guess in general they'd probably be considered an emulator


yeah i dont think they're allowed


Given their well-known inaccuracy, they definitely are NOT original hardware. If anything, they're bad emulators.


What about those things like the “Classic N q” that are ways to play nes cartridges without the actual hardware of a nes. I mean, your still using an original copy of the game and your still using an nes controller.


Every single clone console on the market is banned. If you wanna play on original hardware, you gotta buy an NES, an NES Classic or play on Virtual Console (Wii, Wii U, Switch)

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okay thanks i was wondering if original hardware bc original cartridge

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Have Retrons been proven to have "well-known inaccuracy"? If so, could I look at the evidence in reference? Thanks!

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Let's look at the NES part.

As per , "Mesen, Bizhawk/NEShawk, puNES, Nestopia and FCEUX are the most acceptable emulators, listed in order of accuracy, most other emulators are not accepted. Retroarch should not be used."

Exhibit A:

It states that RetroN5 uses FCEUmm. NOT to be confused with FCEUX. It doesn't support all mappers the other emus do, and its audio emulation leaves to be desired.

Let's look at the GBA part.

As per Exhibit A, the RetroN 5 uses VBA Next, which is banned as it is known to be inaccurate. This is common knowledge for all GBA speedrunners.

Let's look at the SNES part.

As per Exhibit A, the RetroN 5 uses SNES9X Next, an "optimized version with speed hacks". Not what I'd call accurate by any stretch of the imagination.

While the Genesis emulator used by the RetroN 5 seems to be accurate, that's one amongst a whole bunch.

Plus, the latency on all platforms is horrible. Plus it plays at 60Hz as opposed to the various systems' native frequency (ie: 60.0988 for NES/SNES, 59.94 for the Genesis, 59.7275 for GB/GBC/GBA, just to name a few), which results in either faster or slower gameplay when compared to the original consoles. Sure, it may be "trivial" when playing a 10, or even a 20-minute game, but when you play RPGs, those "trivial" milliseconds turn into seconds, which can ultimately make or break a WR.

And this has been known since 2014. So yeah, it fits the "well-known inaccuracy" label pretty well.

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