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Whoever first gets 4:54 on console will recieve 50 dollars


i got it! i got a 4:54.22, i used my phone as my splits but my friend witnessed it and he will now type his thoughts

hello I am speedrunningiscool's friend. he got a 4:54.22. please put it on leaderboard

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I just got a 4:54 8-4. And you said first to get a 4:54 gets 50$. Give me The money Kappa

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Guys he said whoever first gets it gets the money I was first so I get money nowquestionmark

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Ok not to be the party pooper but the mods should lock this. Sure it was cool but now it's turning chaotic.

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You should have made the bounty for 18:59 or even 18:58 warpless, at least those times will happen.

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Let's think, assume 100,000 attempts for 4:54. Let's assume that the average run lasts around 2.5 minutes (just because there's no clear way to tell what it might be and that's the halfway mark). That's 250,000 minutes of playtime, which is over 4,000 hours. $50 for 4,000 hours is 1.25 cents per hour. Yeaaaaaaah, not sure that's a good job opportunity.

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I got a 4:54 in the minus world category. Pay up.


find a new strat that allows a 4:54 to be humanly possible and u got yourself a deal

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Dang it I got a 4:53 that’s not as good as a 4:54 dang it!

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hahaha these jokes are so funny

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