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I use a third-party console to play SMB. Is it legal to run it on and submit said runs?

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If it’s not a whitelisted platform, and I’m assuming it’s not, then no, it is not accepted.

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From the rules:

Approved hardware/software (please specify in the run comment):
- Original NES, Famicom or FDS
- Original NES or Famicom with Everdrive or Powerpak
- Wii, Wii U, Switch and 3DS Virtual Console
- FCEUX, Nestopia, Bizhawk, OpenEMU
- NES Classic Edition
- Analogue NT Mini

If it’s any of those, then it’s okay. Otherwise it isn’t allowed.

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And to answer the question in the thread title, an emulator is any program or application that allows you to emulate gameplay of video games through a computer without the need of a physical console or cartridge/disk.

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i used a hacked wii to practice just dont sumbit runs on it and youll be fine

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