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(Sorry, I'm not good at English, so I used Google Translate.)
I was speedrunning my 8-4 iL with the fceux emulator and luckily I got decent results.
The resolution of the window I was playing was 768672, but it was recorded in 1280720 due to the wrong recording settings. As a result, the video was stretched horizontally.
Can I get on the rankings if I upload this video? Do I need to change the resolution of the video? Or do I have to make a new video?
If you need to change the resolution of the video, please tell me how. Even if I search the internet, it is difficult to get the answer I want, so I ask here.


It can still be accepted, don't worry

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Videos that are low resolution or stretched are still accepted as long as you can still see what’s going on. A lot of runs in the very old days had mediocre quality since not all of us had high resolution. So don’t worry 🙂


As long as the video is at least somewhat watchable, it is fine