no video runs
Alabama, USA

is there anyway to submit runs wwithout viddeo, i seen my friend submit a run without a video before

Arizona, USA

No, there needs to be proof of the run or its not a valid run.

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Alabama, USA

i wanna add a cathegory

Arizona, USA

Like wdym by add a category?

Colorado, USA

Video proof of any submission is required for SMB1 and has been for several years now.

We are not accepting new categories until further notice.

Alabama, USA

well i suck at smb1 and im pretty sure if i submit a run with proof, someone will reject it if i accidentally get a wr or no reason cuz everyone hates me cause of my pee submission

Colorado, USA

I'm 100% sure if you don't submit video proof, we'll reject it on the spot.

For a game that as optimized as this one is, it's inconceivable that you'd "accidentally" get a legitimate WR. People work hard and put in a lot of time and effort for those.

We cannot reject runs based on whether or not you're a likeable person or submit a subjectively "bad run." Everyone starts somewhere.

This is all fairly simple.

  • Read the rules by clicking on the View Rules button and abide by what you read.
  • Make an honest attempt to beat the game fast. It does not matter if it takes you 5 minutes or 16 hours to do it.
  • Submit your run with your YouTube or Twitch video showing your entire run.

Follow all that and you'll be fine.

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The thing that realy bad about this, is that if they not see you reset at the start, then they won't allowed your run


Speaking about "no video no run", @roopert83 you or any other mod will be cleaning the leaderboard someday?

The Global Rules say: "All times require a video on a publicly visible site. YouTube and Twitch are fine. Personal storage sites such as Google Drive and Dropbox are discouraged. If the videos are removed or no longer accessible, the run is subject to removal from the leaderboard."

Sometimes I have looked for runs to see new strats to improve my time and there are a few run that say that the video is no longer available.

Alabama, USA

what about only splits io, is that allowed


just read the rules. it says "All times require a video on a publicly visible site,". splits alone will not be enough to verify your run.

Basque Country

@ZachGSpeedrunning if it gets rejected without video is not going to get verificated because of sharing the splits lol, anyone can just split the times in some moments without actualy being playing the game, or worst, if you just need the photo just edit the times lmao

Basque Country

@Mingura666 if they enter in a point because they had a video, its legal the run, even if then the video or the channel gots deleted or privaterd or something

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Alabama, USA

what does the frame mean in practice rom

Texas, USA

I’m not quite sure and I probably shouldn’t be the one to tell you this but what I know is that the smaller the faster.

Colorado, USA

@ZachGSpeedrunning Maybe my post was too long. Let's make it super short. No video = automatic rejection, and you cannot get around it. Full stop.

@Mingura666 Removing verified runs that have had their videos removed is something that's pretty low on the priority list for us and we haven't really actively enforced that to be honest. If the run did have a video and we accepted it at the time, then it was valid at that point or we wouldn't have accepted it. This leaderboard alone has over 5,700 runs and we would need an automated tool or script to identify those as this point.

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iirc runs without video don't have a camera symbol on the leaderboard. These are easy ones to find

New York City, NY, USA

@WolfAttacK if a run's video is made private after it is verified, or if the video otherwise becomes unavailable, the camera symbol remains. As such, removing all runs without video manually would require checking every single run; as mentioned, there are almost 6000 runs.

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