I need help to speedrun smb
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I need help to speedrun smb

I started doing smb speedrun, and I use nestopia because at the moment I can't get nes, one thing I noticed is that in all speedrun videos the pattern is different from mine, in 4-1 I always take 341 seconds and I have to slow down instead of not slowing down, at 8-2 I can’t get past the stairs in one cycle because lakitu always hits me but in the speedrun videos it doesn’t happen, at 8-4 start I always walk on the second step and never in the third, and sometimes if I go too fast I hit the piranha plant in the pipe after the hole with lava and I heard that this is impossible. I already tried on fceux and nestopia in both versions (pal and ntsc) Please can someone help me

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Andalusia, Spain

There is something called framerules in the game, the game checks every 21 frames to see if you've beaten the level, meaning you can only gain or lose time in increments of .35 seconds. Framerules also determine what patterns you get.

I suggest watching Bismouth's 2 videos and SummoningSalt's 2 SMB1 videos since they explain pretty much all you need to know.

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I know what frame rules are, but I always get the same pattern no matter if I go faster or slower

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Your pattern is determined by how long you wait on the start screen.

I always restart and start instantly, maybe that's the problem, I will do some tests and then I'll be back

What is the name of the ROM that you're using?

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I don't know how it will help but it is, Super Mario Bros (E)

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If you get 341 in 4-1 you are on the pal version of the game, i recommend not using it because the framerate is lower on pal.

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That's the European version of smb1

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Andalusia, Spain

@ANAIM this isn't really a thread for speedrunning questions, either way, why are you using dolphin emulator to run on SMB1? Moderators have to verify a ton of runs in a day and it takes at the very least one day for your run to get verified.

@Yanoi 341 is virtually impossible as far as I know to be done on the NTSC version of the game without TAS-only fast acceleration which requires L+R press and is illegal since its not emulatable on a standart brick NES controller. You'd be using the PAL version which is 10 frames per second slower and I don't recommend using.

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South Holland, Netherlands

I think you should download another rom, i think the rom super mario bros (e) is the pal version one which is like leon said slower.

It should be Super Mario Bros (JU) or Super Mario Bros (U) or something like that

Colorado, USA

You simply need to acquire an NTSC version of the ROM. Your current one says Super Mario Bros. (E). The E is for Europe which is the PAL version. You want one that says Super Mario Bros. (JU) or Super Mario Bros. (U). J is for Japan and U is for USA. You cannot just switch the region in the emulator menu, because the physics in the game are built differently on the ROM.

Friendly reminder for everyone that per site rules you cannot link or provide assistance in the forums of where to acquire the ROMs.

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