8-3 Bro patterns excel spreadsheet
4 years ago

Alright, I've created this excel spreadsheet that goes all the way from "perfect" play (4:58 pace) to 5:10 pace (assuming you play 8-4 in 49 seconds Keepo ) entering 8-3 for anyone going for those times so that 8-3 is no longer a variable https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/176vBl4CfYWgvLOwR5-X9wh1PP3WpMsjRc8VMNl3PQ0E/edit?usp=sharing If anyone has anything to say about how it could be better understood or just better in general please do not hesitate to let me know in this forum or whisper me on Twitch

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Poggers This is gonna be helpful for my runs thanks Aldyn

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You'd be lucky to have your runs verified that fast, the longest it should take to have your run verified is 1 month I'd say it's worth making a post or talking about your run if it hasn't been verified for more than a month. Edit: Like zsjetu9 said, it's probably better and more effective to let individual mods know yourself. Less dramatic but hey drama is exciting so make your choice OpieOP

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  1. Why would you ask if it is working
  2. Don't post completely irrelevant things in these threads, I don't care if it's not worth making a new thread about,
  3. Even if you want to ask, don't ask publicly on src, ask the mods individually
  4. Most runs take more than 4 days to verify, 4 days is completely reasonable, in fact it is even unreasonable to ask after 4 days
  5. I don't care whether its complaining or asking

Let's go back on topic, can you go down to 457 framerules?

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@hitzcritz The 457 framerules actually are already on there, since people wait -7.12 in order to get the shot, I calculated what framerule you would ideally be on when you enter 8-3.

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I know for 100% sure that framerule 633 and 642 are correct because I've entered 8-3 on those framerules before, as well as this rom being reliable for Warpless framerules as well it should also be reliable for any%

@pellsson this would prob be near impossible to add, but could you add an IL timer at the end of each level, or change the coins to the frames or something?

@pellson that is exactly what im asking for, thank you if you add it.

The spreadsheet as of today is complete down from framerule 633 to 658 (25 framerule range, 8 seconds worth) including possible changed patterns due to different kills on the hammer bros. sicc

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Nice spreadsheet, I'll definitely be using this once I get into the required time range.

One question: For 638, I jump onto the first koopa (after the first bullet bill launcher), then go bottom on the first set of two bros without any killing, top on the second set of two (no avoiding of hammers needed) and then jump over all of the last four bros (very early jump or under hammer for 3rd). I think that is easier compared to your way because jumping onto the koopa is much easier than the double kill, at least for me. What do you think? (It's also possible that I'm too dumb to set the framerule correctly and above is all wrong, I don't have much experience with framerules and patterns)

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Wow nice catch, I will be sure to update that. Confirmed that bopping the koopa (in any way) does indeed remove the double kill needed and makes the hammer bros easier

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This is fantastic! I have the cartridge with smb1 only. Do I just start the timer with -3.27 when I press reset?

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Yes, if you're not going for BBG. (Bullet Bill Glitch)

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