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Hi, this also applies to SMB2 and SMB: The Lost Levels.

What's your opinion on moving the All Stars leaderboards to the actual SMB All Stars game? The Subcategory / variable feature might be a good choice for that. So there will be a category for each game, then one subcategory for any%, one for warpless, etc..

Let me know.

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Colorado, USA

Been waiting ages for this change.

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Any argument for why?


Well..the smb2 lb is a little messed up. So that would fix it. About the others, i thought It could have been a good idea to have the all stars versions under the same page and leave this as a nes only page. And the games run a little different.


"And the games run a little different." They're almost identical copies.

I think SMB1 runs should be on the SMB1 board. This would just unnecessarily divide the community over 2 boards.

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"And the games run a little different." "They're almost identical copies."

Actually i only meant you can't do the same "tricks" and glitches.

Anyway, this is just an idea, it's not me forcing anything or anyone.

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Ontario, Canada

All tricks and glitches work the same except for BBG, unless you count jumping through hit boxes a glitch, which it's not.

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Like i said it's just an idea..some people liked it, some people didn't. I just thought it could make them look better, but of course i ask the community first, since i only run SMB 2.

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I'd think it'd be cool to have it's own leaderboard, but who is going to move all the runs over?


Considering that they're not identical, because if they were identical there wouldn't be an "except for..", i wasn't trying to separate the communities, and tbh i don't think that would separate the community, i was only trying to put the SNES versions in their actual leaderboard (which now is only used for multi game categories).

About moving all the runs over, it's a thing i can do as a content mod, but of course, if the community is ok. I'm not doing anything the community is not ok with.

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United States

I like the idea but only if all the runs can be Transferred

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I think the same about it as EndCubing.

Colorado, USA

I personally don't like the idea of moving it over as all of the current categories are always inclusive of all 4 (or all 5) games.

If we were to split off the versions of the games from NES, I'd honestly go the route of making an entirely separate leaderboard for each All-Stars game over migrating them to the All-Stars leaderboard.


Hmm..that's also an interesting idea. Anyway, nothing is decided of course, we're just discussing with the different communities.

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