My stream lagged at the worst moment.
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My stream lagged at the worst moment.

I've been running this game for around 2 months and I've made it officially to 5:14. Today, like 40 minutes ago during a live stream, I got a 5:13 PB but my viewers told me that the stream lagged during the final jump to the axe.

The run happened during live stream with a few viewers so I know is legit but I'm concerned that due to the frame lost I can't prove it happened as I'm claiming.

I checked my raw video and it has lag, I downloaded the stream from Twitch and it has lag as well. The audio is the only thing that runs as it should.

Should I avoid submitting this run or am I allowed to submit it anyway?

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Colorado, USA

Submit it anyway and we can look at it. Worst case scenario, we'll just reject it and say we can't determine you got a 5:13.


I see you're a Super Mod and I appreciate your reply. I will submit it and hope for the best. I hope having a rejected run won't damage my credibility, so far all my runs have been verified (5/5).

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Andalusia, Spain

If you're streaming I suggest you local record so if it lags on stream you'd still have evidence.

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Utah, USA

man that was so unlucky @Mingura666

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