new emulater?
7 months ago

yo so i got a steam deck right and its the only way i can play sm64 and record at a consistent frame rate. and i got a sm64 rom i play and it is nothing extra it runs at a constant 30 fps its just like an emulater and nothing else am i allowed go use it? prob not. if you want me to send you a speedrun used on it to check i am happy to send you a video.

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United States

I think that would count as any other emulator, but you might want to get some advice from a moderator of the game.

Massachusetts, USA

if its not one of the emulators listed in the rules (PJ64 1.6, etc) then it would not be allowed. If you can get the PC Port running fine, there's a whole separate board for that that would probably accept the run depending on recording you can get on it.

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i believe emudeck runs a version of mupen64. so probably not.


It's not allowed since its not listed as an emulator that you can use for speedrunning SM64.

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