Announcement: automated submission rejection
3 years ago
Washington, USA

What's good speedrunners, we have a fresh announcement for you

Starting today, we will be using an automated system to comb through our leaderboard submissions on the main leaderboard. If your submission does not follow the guidelines (e.g. it has milliseconds when it should not, or the platform fields are not filled out correctly), your run will be automatically rejected with a message listing what needs to be fixed. The rejection will also contain a link to a new wiki page that walks through how to fill out the run submission form:

What do I do if my run is rejected? Simply refer to the wiki page linked in the rejection message, and re-submit your run with the fields filled out correctly. As of now, your run will only be automatically rejected if it has errors that are easily fixed on your end. You don't need to wait for your next PB or anything like that. Why are you doing this? We are getting to the point where we are receiving 50 or more submissions every day and it's very difficult to keep up. By being more strict about the fields in the form, the moderators can spend less time correcting submissions and more time verifying the video and moving on. With the new system, we hope to be able to approve runs more quickly than we have in the past. I think my run was rejected by mistake If you think there is an issue with the bot, reach out to a moderator and let them know your situation and we will figure out what is going on.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in #lobby in the Discord server, or here.

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Actually really cool. Glad you figured something like this out :)

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New Hampshire, USA

Something that I recently thought of that could be an issue with the bot is that it could verify runs that have splices in the given videos. So can the bot go through videos and detect splices/other cheats? If not that's something that I'd consider working on so cheated runs don't get on the leaderboards.

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Campania, Italy

@Mars02 Yeah, that would be nice!

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New York, USA

@Mars02 I think you're misunderstanding. The bot doesn't actually verify any runs. He said it's just auto-rejecting ones that filled out the submission form incorrectly so that mods don't need to waste time on those. Mods still look at and physically verify every run from what I understand.

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Maryland, USA

There are some issues, however, that defect runs that are correctly submitted and filled out.

United Kingdom

this is a giant flex on the other games

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European Union

@Elims there are other games that have moderation bots you know

Pays de la Loire, France

We've added a run on behalf of the bot to prevent this.

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Bro why is my 16 star run not verified I did it with MIPS clip then BLJed through endless staircase and 50 star door and it got declined this is rigged bro it’s broken

Massachusetts, USA

Pro tip @JacksonPlayz theres a link thats in the rejection note when your run gets rejected. Its getting rejected because there is milliseconds in the submission. Just remove those and it will go through the bot.

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Maryland, USA

Im worried about this an automated system? I just see a lot of errors happening

Minnesota, USA

This is a nice fix, like it as my runs, when I start recording them, will probably be verified much faster.


It really works, I uploaded an emulator run and left the Platform field on N64 and got auto rejected, then fixed it but still got rejected by factor counter at 2 LOL. But it is a good way to speed up verifications

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