SM64 Summer League 2023 (Starts June 2nd)
SM64 Summer League 2023 (Starts June 2nd)
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General Info

The SM64 league is a team-based community event where players can earn points for their teams by improving their pbs in any of the main categories (120, 70, 16, 1, 0). All official platforms (and emulator) are welcome. Everyone that joins before May 29th is guaranteed a spot, afterwards it's first come first served until we have enough players to balance the teams.

We will hold a draft on June 2nd to determine the teams. The league will then run from immediately following the draft until July 31st at 11:59pm EDT.


We use a bot to check the leaderboards and automatically calculate the points based on recently submitted runs. So you must have some way to record your runs in a way that is verifiable on the leaderboards in order to get points. Our point system will be such that you can gain points in three ways that will all roughly be weighted the same:

  1. Improvement-Based - You earn a certain number of points per second shaved off your pb under certain thresholds. This is done in tiered manner so that you get more points per second as your times get better.

  2. Time-Based - For each main category a player can claim a fixed amount of points by getting ANY pb in that category. This can only be claimed once per category, the amount varies in a tiered manner and only depends on the final PB time (regardless of initial time).

  3. Rank-Based - For 120, 70, 16 and 0/1 (combined) you get points based on your PBs relative rank compared to the PBs gotten by other entrants. Only PBs gotten during the league will count for this.


  1. Have a account
  2. Be able to submit runs that are verifiable on the main leaderboards
  3. Be 13 years or older
  4. Join the discord, this is where teams will interact.
  5. Fill out the signup form (linked in the discord)

This is meant to be a fun, low pressure event where people can play at their own pace. So feel free to join if you have any time to play in June or July. If you are interested in joining/observing or have any questions, join the discord.

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