Atwiki Leaderboard

Japanese maintained leaderboard site - old. Has 30, 31 and 45 also. (external link)

Current Single Star Records

Up-to-date list of current single star records. (external link)

Real Time Calculator

In-game time to real time calculator for single stars. The "Lag at End" box should be the lag count 2 in-game frames (disregarding lag frames) after the star grab, because the lag counter updates 3 in-game frames after the actual lag frame. (external link)

By minikoriminikori

RTA spreadsheet

Spreadsheet to keep track of and compare in-game times with active runners. (external link)

By circumark994

SM64 Discord

Central hub of all things SM64 speedrunning related (external link)

SM64 Practice Codes

List of all the gameshark codes commonly used for practice. (external link)

SM64 Resources (Google Doc)

List of useful SM64 speedrunning resources. (external link)

By minikoriminikori




16 Star Splits (Non L-BLJ)

16 Star Non L-BLJ Splits For LiveSplit (DW Reds) (direct download)

By AvasionAvasion