An image recognition based autosplitter for SM64 runs. N64 is the only officially supported platform, however most EMU runners have no issues, and some have gotten it to work on VC capture as well. (external link)
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A portable build of Project 64 1.6.1, along with all the recommended plugins. Includes no Nintendo assets or illegal media, i.e. you will have to obtain your own ROM! (direct download)
Spreadsheet for tracking and comparing in-game times for RTA strategies with active runners. (external link)
Comprehensive list of potentially useful SM64 speedrunning resources. (external link)
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Discord server which hosts several SM64 resources, including the practice rom (external link)
(direct download)
(direct download)
Basic 120 star route for N64. The only route difference for emulator / VC is doing DDD all at once rather than having FS split it up. (direct download)
Standard LBLJ route (direct download)
No LBLJ, replaces Dark World Reds with Swimming Beast. (direct download)
Standard No LBLJ route, does Dark World red coins. (direct download)
HMC Late with TTC100. (direct download)
HMC Late without TTC100. More beginner friendly. (direct download)