Is super mario 64 really 3D?
7 months ago

Like the first Quake game released a day before it so yes or no?

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Basque Country

yea? the whole game is 3D, just play or see the game and is easy to notice and is easy to notice lol

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odd question. not 3d as in the sense of the 3ds but all sprites and objects are 3d models. doom uses 2d sprites but quake has 3d models. i guess doom isnt really 3d with that perspective because of the 2d models. is that what you meant? if so than sm64 is really 3d

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Ohio, USA
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7 months ago

i am 3d

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Lower Saxony, Germany

It’s 3D, but some sprites like the trees are 2D.

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United States

Yes, it's entirely 3D. There are 2D images and textures used for a few things, but generally you are playing in a 3D world with full 3D movement. If you take a look at the game files, you can clearly see that it's made up of 3D objects and not 2D ones.

I do understand why you might have been confused though, since around that time there were '3D' games that weren't actually 3D. Take Super Mario RPG for example, It looks like you can run around 3D and can move back and forth and all that, but In reality it's just clever programming mixed with carefully layered images and sprites. That's not a true 3D game. However, SM64 is most certainly a true 3D game.

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Virginia, USA

Is this post implying that Quake also isn't a three-dimensional game? Have you played Quake? lmao

North Korea

coins aren't 3D because money isn't real

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I mean, the game is 3D obviously, but some assets such as coins are 2D images that can spin around in game and have the illusion of being 3D. But most of the game is 3D

"but all sprites and objects are 3d models" erm actually by definition sprites are 2d... and mario 64 does the same tricks as doom to position 2d objects in 3d space. there are reasons that doom is a more limited 3d than mario 64 however, i recommend this interesting video: if embed no work click

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Ind​ianapolis, IN, USA

If there is an x y z then it’s 3d


Its very old 3d but yes it is 3d. They are technically pixelated 2 dimensional sprites rendered into 3rd thanks to the n64 engine, similar to doom (but done way better)

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