Skip first bowser completely
10 months ago
Florida, USA

Anyone know where an lblj from the other side of the staircase takes you? Working on figuring out a way to skip the first bowser and lobby completely. Just figured someone must’ve lblj’d from the other side before and wanted to see what their outcome was. Going to continue to test ways to bypass the basement door

Campania, Italy

It should take you in a black room. The only way to skip first bowser as today is only TAS and it involves walking in the water outside the castle. Here is a video

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Florida, USA

Thanks. And when you say in a black room,do you mean on the outside of the front door like the normal lblj or it takes you to a diff black room? And I know about the tas skip,just trying to find something easier to recreate

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Campania, Italy

Yeah, it's like the black room that is outside of the front door. There are those kind of black rooms also in both the doors locked by keys.

Florida, USA

Hmmm. Okay well I’ll let you know in a little bit if I figure something wonky enough out.


HazelPietro the method you showed is TAS only. But i have an idea in my head where humans can skip first bowser. So here is what ive come up with. When the player gets on the top of the castle roof outside, they should go to the left up pillar. They can perform a blj there. But maybe if they mash hard enough, they might be able to fall into the black room of death and enter the basement then. I saw this blj in a TAS only blj collection YouTube video.

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Florida, USA

Will definitely try that!

Arizona, USA

good luck with figuring this out, if something works thats gonna be super exciting

Campania, Italy

@supertuxfan69 Yeah I know it's tas only, I specified it in my message. Your method is also pretty interesting and it may be doable one day.

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Florida, USA

Suigi is killing the categories. Someone’s gotta figure it out before sm64 dies as a whole lol

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Portland, OR, USA

super tux while that is a nice thought, you cannot simply fall behind the seams into loading zones. i think abear is falling for this same misconception by thinking one could skip bowser on the inside of the castle. you MUST open the door to load the next area. this exists for all key doors (otherwise you could just skip first 2 bowsers and go upstairs). the same exists for outside the castle. TAS clips into moat (a non-door loading zone), stores a hell of a lot of speed, then aquires precise positions when mario leaves the water to clip himself through the water at a precise enough angle to interact with the door before interacting with the water.

It is not a matter of if, its a matter of how. unless someone founds a fundamental mechanic or position that the TASers missed, it is not possible under current means, end of story. If you really really want to find a method, you need to learn to TAS first, as that is the only possible skill set that could help you bridge the gap and find something entirely new. glhf

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Florida, USA

@CAKEbetty so you are saying without walking through the key door the rest of the game just will not load?

Massachusetts, USA

LBLJ shows that concept, yes. You go through the walls of the entrance but don't go outside of the castle unless you accidentally interact with the main doors of the castle.

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Tennessee, USA

@abear850 that is correct. The way that upstairs loads is by going through the door. The only non-lobby area that loads without going through a key door is basement, and to do that you can enter through the moat. However, the moat is underwater until drained... from the basement. The only known way to enter the moat door while it's underwater is so precise that it is not possible to be done on a controller, because the stick simply isn't precise enough.

Can you LBLJ past the upstairs door? Yes, but you're met with an invisible barrier. Upstairs isn't loaded because it's an entirely different map within the games files. Again, to trigger the switch to the upstairs map from the lobby map requires the door opening animation.

Tennessee, USA

Following up on what @CAKEbetty said, your best bet is to spend a couple years TASsing first to gain a fundamental understanding of the game mechanics. Scrubbing through the SM64 decomp should also help. Then, revisit this issue. Otherwise, not to be harsh, but it's a waste of time.

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Just look at the first blj.

Tennessee, USA

You still can't open the door doing that @supertuxfan69 because it's underwater. Opening the door requires PU movement.


Oh lmfao i didnt know. Well i guess that we have to do it on the hard way.


There is a way to skip first bowser without the wing cap.

Florida, USA

Well I spent about 10 hours yesterday searching so I’m wasting my time lol is blj into pu even possible for humans?

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