Why cant I use google drive
3 months ago
Alabama, USA

Why cant I use google drive for my runs?

My run was rejected because of me using google drive for my video. (the category was 16 star no lblj)

I do not have access to twich or youtube (Long story please do not ask)

So how about we change the rules for video submission.

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You can use any site that embeds the player on the run page.

so then why was his run rejected?


It doesn't embed the player on the run page. Also, people in the past would just delete the video off their drives after being accepted.

but you can delete your runs from youtube or twitch as well. and the run not showing up dosent seem like that big of a deal.


People were way more frequently deleting them from a service that has a limited file storage space than ones that don't. It is specifically written in the rules under the video requirements section that videos must embed on the run page. We don't want people to have to jump through extra hoops to be able to watch a run on the leaderboard. We aren't forcing people to use only YouTube and Twitch, we are merely limiting people to use any site that embeds the video player so the run can be watched on the run page.

Alabama, USA

can you give me some site options other than twich or youtube


Not sure if there is an available list of embeds that work on this site, would have to ask someone involved with operation of the website. I've seen Asia region runners use niconico and billibilli for example, so it's very likely that there is other (english supported) websites that will work.

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