Make debug runs their own category or DQ them entirely
6 years ago
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Plain and simple.

Debug mode is not a "glitch", it's a cheat.

Unless it's in its own category that allows cheats to be used any run using debug mode should be immediately disqualified.

I did ask if debug mod was allowed for the 800k category, and was told for that category yes it was permitted. But that is not a blanket ruling to the other categories. And even then the infinite money or value max cheat wasn't used for that, only the bulldoze water cheat.

United States

Categories are a bit tricky for this game. It will be considered.


You should look better, the max value thing have been used by every single person who used the debug menu. Also, it dosnt give you infinite money, it reduces constructions cost to 0.

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United States

Upon further consideration, I am leaning toward making this happen. The only issue is making sure things do not get too crowded here and we do not lose any of the currently submitted runs, I will have to overhaul the currently used format here. Will begin work on this in the coming week, look for updates!

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