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I have been granted moderator powers for this game. Thus, I have added a bunch of new categories that people are currently running, and I wish to explain them all here. First of all, running this game is very different than running most any other game. Vastly different strategies are used for the categories. 100-500K, and possibly 600K can be achieved relatively quickly with the speedbuilding method that Mr.K and Karmamachine use in their runs. However, 700K and up require strategy which takes a much longer amount of time to build, and most certainly has to utilize the debug code.

100K-Maximum Population: All of these categories have specific rule sets and must be single segment runs.

500K/600K Glitchless: This will be the goal for a glitchless game, meaning no type of cheats or glitches are allowed, and it must be a single segment run. This will be a lengthy run should anyone attempt to tackle it as it will be a long time before enough money is made to reach 500K. As an added challenge, I have also added 600K, as it is possible to do, but will require optimized strategies and luck.

Maximum Population Frame Skip: The only rule for this category is no zone stacking. It does not have to be a single segment run either, as the current video cannot verify it was a single segment run. While the run has not been submitted, I have found a video which shows a total of 956,160 population, and clearly used the frame skip as the year is 2108 in game. There is no evidence of zone stacking. The video is linked here:

Maximum Population Zone Stacking: There are no rules for this category, anything goes. The highest total I could find in a video, that utilizes zone stacking is 1,102,240, and that video is linked here:

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I like the 500k glitchless... im doing a tester run currently... so far 5 hours in and just hit 200k... this will be one long run for sure... only pulling in $3-4k per year atm lol

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Money must be spent very wisely and taxes might even have to go up a tad bit to keep the overall time down. I might try a few practice runs at it and see how long it takes. There are a few things I have been wanting to test and this category should be perfect for doing so.

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Its about 8 hours about 65 game years... i lowered the taxes to 5% after a few years as i was at 25% approval and taxes were 70% of the complaints... its a fine line as your population grows quicker with lower taxes but you don't have as much money but in the long run your better off lowering the taxes as more ppl = more money... the bank is your best friend... that 10k every 21 years is a huge jump in population... crime is always a problem but more police = more cost... i'll do a legit run in a few days when i have 8 hours free... it'll be boring though... A LOT of sitting around waiting for money

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Hoe's it going everyone, just kinda picked this game back up as it was a childhood favorite of mine. Question, it's difficult finding any info on running this game besides the run videos, why doe's everyone wait until like aug to start building? Sorry if that's common knowledge, look forward to learning this game!

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I want to learn glitchless soon. And from what I can tell, you wait before building to reduce in game lag for as long as possible.

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Do we know that those are the actual max population possible for those categories? specially with Zone Stacking, which involves complex positioning. Wouln't be easier for those categories to check by a multiple of 100k? like 1100k.


i'm really enjoying running Metropolis% aka 100K citizens, and even tho its slower, and my PB is sitll pretty bad, i feel like 100K citizens Glitchless or Metropolis NMG could be a fun and fairly accessible category for every1 to enjoy... imho!! ;D

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I dig the 100k Glitchless category, Acmlm did a couple of runs of that, even though is not a category in here. Maybe it should be.

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"Do we know that those are the actual max population possible for those categories? specially with Zone Stacking, which involves complex positioning. Wouldn't be easier for those categories to check by a multiple of 100k? like 1100k."

The highest I have seen is 1,190,000, with zone stacking, and since it was not a timed run, it has no place here. The highest I have seen without zone stacking is 956k, but this was in the year 5000 or later, so frame skip was used and it took an immense and undocumented amount of time to get there I am sure. Until anyone actually records and submits a run for those categories, I doubt they will be run by anyone else except maybe myself and a select few others. As for determining the highest number of population, that can only be done once a run is submitted and a mark is reached. As of now, the 812k is the highest I have seen for the standard, full game category, but I am certain it could go higher and speed strats could cut time below 3 hours.

Freeland and Glitchless categories have been added under the Level Leaderboard tab on the left, below the full game. This has been a unique game to moderate for speedruns, unlike the other games I have had to attend to. As such, I have also amended the rules for each category to make things more clear for our runners.

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I bet you I could Beat that 1,190,000 without Zone Stacking Homie. Doesn't look too hard, besides: That Rika Fellow looks like a good Stepping Stone to Crush.

Edit: PB at the time of me saying this is 1,163,760 without stacking

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