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Hello. This is A fellow Runner of the game that as everyones guess, is Priere aka Rika_Furude. I am making the message here on the quote of from his live stream from 12 days ago as of this post. He claims to still "Technically" hold the world record for both Max Population categories. I also was not banned from this site, however, was banned from the Panel De Pon community for accusations that really upset me to the point where it broke my heart to play that game ever again thanks to being gas lit really really hard and even harassed and threatened.

As for Accusations of cheating in my simcity runs back when i had my previous account.. Well you are all dead wrong if you think I cheated in any way. Only think I did for those long runs was use the Frame Skip/Fast Forward functions as per the rules allow for the max population runs. I followed the rules and as far as my research goes... there are no cheats outside of unlocking all scenario cities which lets you play on the Freeland Map to begin with.

I'd like to have people not accuse me when the strats I use, can be and have been done on original hardware as well as emulation. Now I am not bringing up that quote for anything malicious or anything or to gas light people. I merely found it odd and kind of like I was put beneath everyone else for what was going on, and that my Strats maybe un-orthodox, but is that not how new records are found? Also.. As for becoming "Too good, too quickly" for simcity... Keep in mind, I've been building 800K+ cities since I was 6 years old without zone stacking, and I am 27 now, so 21 going on 22 years of high level simcity play, of doing nothing but experiment and try different things to make my theories reality. Which is why I have the building styles and optimized numbers I do and still finding improvements to my strats. My nearly Roadless/Rail-less design I posted directly to Czar in a chat, and the Zone-Stacked Run of mine had lots of planning and attempts to build.

I can laterally tell you how this game works, top to bottom and why it works if asked. I love this game and would love to be able to run this game again, but due to all the stuff that happened to me on my last account... I just don't have the desire to play competitively for this game for times and scores. I also have forgotten more about this game, than most people will learn from playing it.

Though it is true that I can go ahead and write/type out an entire master level guide to this game and how I found all that I have... I simply do not have the time anymore for long posts like that... Not to mention My original notebooks and pen pads, sticky notes, and loose paper holding all my notes and theory crafting have been lost to time. So quite literally... I would end up spending about 5 years writing this guide only to have more things found about these games that would have to go into it by that future time. It's not like I am holding my secrets and work from everyone... I just simply cannot post it due to how long it would actually take for a thankless job such as that, especially if I am doing it for absolutely no cost to others.

Basically, what I am saying is; I am not mad, just perplexed at how I seemed to be talked about in that livestream indirectly. As well As the friendship I had with Czar and all being good when I last checked. Though I understand the sediments of owning that record and being able to be the first with recorded proof. So again, I appologize if this sounds like I am angry. I am not... you could almost say I have a coletial relationship with this game because of how much I loved it when I got it.. growing up with it, and how much I love it to this day.

So Here is my discord if anyone wants to message me further about this since I am more active on it than anywhere else: Shippai#8805 also works with: Chara Dreemurr YGOMD#8805

Lastly Thanks For Reading - Rika/Raid

United States

Per the rules and regulations of, I merely followed up with the observed protocols and I messaged you the moment I noticed your speedruns were absent from the leaderboard. Your runs vanished from the leaderboards and were never removed, and there has been no re-submission of them. When I verified the runs, I did not observe any rules being broken. However let me be clear, the rules of speedrunning video games are strict, and once anyone has been accused, and proven to be cheating, their credibility is forever harmed. If you were banned under a previous account, for another game, which does appear to be the case, I will be extremely skeptical and critical of any future runs you choose to submit to the leaderboard here, that is my job as the lead moderator of this game. Friendship has nothing to do with it, nor should it. This is a professional business and the integrity of not just you and I, but also everyone else here who has submitted speedruns under any category. The fact is you seemingly devised new and never before seen strategies for categories that only 3 people have ever attempted previously, which is is certainly not impossible, but should be put under the magnifying glass very closely, which I did, and I did not observe any forms of cheating. The issue is not your speedruns here, but elsewhere.

The rules are clear, cheating will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. Your previous account was banned for that exact reason. Your speedruns would not have disappeared from the leaderboards unless this was the case. You have multiple accounts, names and personas, this does not help your case. I appreciate you taking the time to bring all of this up in the forum none the less. You can message me at any time on discord if you wish to discuss the matter further personally, or you can continue to use the forum here.

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I understand the position you are in. However, you do have the right to know given that I had to change things in order to get back on here. As for my previous discord, it was also hacked, but i did recover it. As for the simcity discord, what happened to that? I also would like discuss with you privately about my strats in simcity

Another Note: I do not have the recordings anymore of the runs from my past due in part to deleting them after i upload them to Youtube so they don't take up space on my hard drive

Phoenix, AZ, USA

To you dear sir, I say your SimCity Runs have to be legit, because I did as you did with some slight adjustments to the original Design of yours and managed to beat your population cap on the Freeland Map by 22,000 Populous. I have broke the 1,000,000 Population Barrier multiple times with your strats. Even then though, the runs still have to be put under scrutiny due to the accusations of Cheating in other games. Once labeled, it's hard to get rid of that label, even if you are innocent. I'm not being mean, or picking sides, however, I have seen your runs in Games Such as Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon and you did without a doubt, post TAS's without a care and thought no one would catch you. it is quite literally impossible to duplicate your Panel de Pon Feats.

Furthermore, there are multiple reasons why you could be put under scrutiny too for your SimCity Runs. For example, you never go into detail on how your methods work. I had to dig deep into old Forums on the wayback machine for the game SimCity 3000 for PC which had at one point, a Sub Section for the SNES game and SimCity Classic which had posts dating as early as 2007 about Glitches that involve abusing the the save and load functions with the Freeland Map in order to make your map have no affects due to pollution, max police coverage and basically infinitely high land value. You also ignored the please of the panel community to prove yourself live and made all the excuses.

Also the claim of 1,200 to 1,600 inputs per minute on an SNES controller is a downright lie. The Fastest Players with controller inputs are Smash Brothers Melee Pros and they average out between 100 to 250 inputs per minute. Fastest 940 by the Smash Player Armada doing Fast Fall L-Cancelled Back Airs. If you actually had this input speed, you would have to be using a Keyboard, and even then, you would be able to compete in Star Craft and League of Legends on the highest level and for a guy playing a Tetris Based game? I.d.k. Fastest Rollers can only make the SNES and NES hit 31hz but you are claiming to have almost 350hz in your control. Simply not possible.

Indiana, USA that's what happen to rika's youtube channel. what a shame.

Phoenix, AZ, USA

According to Claims that Rika's "friends", Rika had copyright strikes and was taken down. Then Rika claims they switched to NicoNico. Rika's "Room mate" claims he deleted his channel out of depression and sold his gaming equipment? I don't know. But Rika should never be allowed to Speedrun if it was my call. He is just another story of someone trying to cheat fame like many runners before them. Over all, its a damned shame because he was what inspired me to try doing high population.

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