New Tech: 'Voiceless'
4 years ago
Victoria, Australia

Muting the dialogue audio from the game settings causes voicelines to not play. It is not a case of them simply being muted—they're not triggered at all.

This causes other triggers, such as the end of certain levels, to occur faster than they would if the voicelines had to run first. For anyone wondering, this is what I observed four years ago when I achieved an unrecorded 0:17 Rescue on Kessel while practicing, so that question is now resolved.

As of writing this post, this "technique," so to speak, reduces the completion time of Defection at Corellia and Rescue on Kessel on both PC and N64.

It is currently unknown if this allows for faster completion of any other levels. If you find anything interesting, be sure to leave a comment.

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Pennsylvania, USA

This is awesome. Thank you for sharing!

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