Multiplayer day, weekly event(?)
3 years ago

Okay listen up rogues. A new form of competition is coming, in the form of a multiplayer event.

This would take place once a week. Considering that we're all pretty spread throughout the world. It would be unfair for some to have a time window to participate, so instead, the event will last the entire day.

The base idea is to do 3 maps per event. 1 any%, 1gold AND having a 3rd one as a surprise. The 3rd could be anything from an any% with specific condition (like AaME killing every single probe), to a gold requiring a certain amount of deaths.

Additionally, this may be an opportunity to reward active players by scoring the 3 best runs per map with point that will add up to the new point system for the rankings. This is more of an afterthought so we'll have to figure how the scores will be handle if possible!

What do you say rogues? Let us know if u have a good feeling about this!

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Victoria, Australia

I'm totally on board to try this, but it sounds like a bit of an investment of time. Maybe just one level+vehicle combination would be more accessible for those of us with less time to spare. 🤔


You're right, although I did wanted two missions to be available so that you are not obliged to play a mission you don't like just for the sake of ranking points xD

Pennsylvania, USA

I know this is an old post but I am in for this.

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