Level Maps

Heightmaps and of each level (except Taloraan) ripped from the PC version's source files and converted to PNG. v1.7 - added terrain renders, missing Gerard V, Chandrila and Beggar's Canyon. (direct download)

Pretty IL Leaderboards (Chrome Extension)

Make the IL leaderboards look better with this Google Chrome extension. This is the fourth update after simplifying logic in foobar.js. Here is a before and after the installation of the extension: (direct download)

By shadowdevoshadowdevo

Reverse-Engineering Tools

Tools put together for reverse-engineering the game, like it says on the tin; model viewer, tools for exporting 3D maps, etc. (external link)

By Fimkold

Rogue Squadron 3D Installer

[Not neccesary for the Steam release] This installer will work on all Windows OS from XP onwards, 32bit and 64bit. You will still need the CD-ROM for this to work. Contains game update 1.21. Installs DirectX 9.0c. (Optional) Installs nGlide glide wrapper, allowing to play the game in 3dfx mode, up to a resolution of 7860x4320. (Optional) Source: (direct download)

By medfreeman

RS Map Viewer

A program that lets you view the Rogue Squadron maps. Left/right click to rotate - Middle click to pan - Scroll to zoom - Up/down arrow keys to change map (or click them in the list). (direct download)

By fimkold

Windowed Mode + More

A little guide on how to get the game running in windowed mode with any custom resolution and some Cheat Engine stuff. Some good stuff for monitoring/glitch finding or testing/speedrunning. (external link)

By shadowdevoshadowdevo


100% Completed Savefile

This savefile contains all 19 levels with gold medals awarded; unlocking the Millennium Falcon and TIE-Interceptor as playable vehicles where available. Use freely. (direct download)

By DrYoshiyahuDrYoshiyahu


Dryoshiyahu's Split Icons

These are the icons I use for my splits. Use freely. (direct download)

By DrYoshiyahuDrYoshiyahu

LiveSplit ANY% Splits

These are some fresh splits for ANY% which include icons for each level. Enjoy! (direct download)

By shadowdevoshadowdevo

LiveSplit Layout

A layout I made for LiveSplit that is Rogue Squadron themed. (direct download)

By shadowdevoshadowdevo


Naboo Starfighter Patch

[Not neccesary for the Steam release] This patch fixes some more problems with 3dfx-based video cards as well as adding the N-1 starfighter like in the previous patch. (It contains all fixes from 1.2) (direct download)

By LucasArts