Reverse-Engineering Tools

Tools put together for reverse-engineering the game, like it says on the tin; model viewer, tools for exporting 3D maps, etc. (external link)

By Fimkold

Rogue Squadron 3D Installer

[Not neccesary for the Steam release] This installer will work on all Windows OS from XP onwards, 32bit and 64bit. You will still need the CD-ROM for this to work. Contains game update 1.21. Installs DirectX 9.0c. (Optional) Installs nGlide glide wrapper, allowing to play the game in 3dfx mode, up to a resolution of 7860x4320. (Optional) Source: (direct download)

By medfreeman

Windowed Mode + More

A little guide on how to get the game running in windowed mode with any custom resolution and some Cheat Engine stuff. Some good stuff for monitoring/glitch finding or testing/speedrunning. (external link)

By shadowdevoshadowdevo


100% Completed Savefile

This savefile contains all 19 levels with gold medals awarded; unlocking the Millennium Falcon and TIE-Interceptor as playable vehicles where available. Use freely. (direct download)

By DrYoshiyahuDrYoshiyahu


Dryoshiyahu's Split Icons

These are the icons I use for my splits. Use freely. (direct download)

By DrYoshiyahuDrYoshiyahu

LiveSplit ANY% Splits

These are some fresh splits for ANY% which include icons for each level. Enjoy! (direct download)

By shadowdevoshadowdevo

LiveSplit Layout

A layout I made for LiveSplit that is Rogue Squadron themed. (direct download)

By shadowdevoshadowdevo


Naboo Starfighter Patch

[Not neccesary for the Steam release] This patch fixes some more problems with 3dfx-based video cards as well as adding the N-1 starfighter like in the previous patch. (It contains all fixes from 1.2) (direct download)

By LucasArts