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1 year ago

Just in case there is anyone who sees this forum but is not on the discord; concern was raised over grey-areas and loopholes in the rules so we have been discussing how to change/clarify some of the rules. There is currently a vote on the discord, I have copied it below:

For PC, should there be a rule on an FPS upper limit? 1 Yes 60Hz 2 No upper limit

In the rules for PC, should an FPS counter overlay be: 1 encouraged or 2 not mentioned

For PC, should there be a lower limit on FPS? 1 Yes 2 No

For PC, does FPS need to be consistent? 1 FPS needs to remain reasonably consistent throughout runs 2 FPS can change mid-run

And so, for PC, should the rules mention a standard setup (DXwnd, Cheat Engine for IGT) 1 Standard setup should be encouraged for new runs 2 Dont mention setup in rules

For EMU runs, should the rules be: 1 unrestricted (except no TAS, no savestates, no altering game code) 2 needs to be restricted, lets discuss in which ways

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