Neurax Worm Casual Speedrun Guide
Neurax Worm Casual Speedrun Guide
Updated 3 years ago by zylladys

Well, I think I can help with some of my method. I am not the WR holder but I think I can be useful.

Genes: Metabolic Hijack Aquacyte (or Native Biome) Trans-Stasis Darwinist Extremophyle

As most of the runs, start in Saudi Arabia.

Start with the Transmission tab, upgrading the left column until the top: -Concertina Locomotion -Undulatory Locomotion -Air 1 -Air 2 -Air 3 and then evolve Eggs 1 and 2, following by Bird 1, Insect 1 and Rodent 1.

Go to Abilities tab and evolve Cold 1 and Trojan Plane 1. (If well timed, you can use Trojan Plane before upgrading it, very useful and saves time) Use Trojan Plane to infect Greenland.

Back to Transmission tab: -Water 1 -Water 2 -Water 3 -Bird 2 -Insect 2 -Rodent 2

And finally you go to Symptoms tab. You will follow the top left path, until you reach Transcendence. -Neural Breach -Cerebral Tendrils -Adrenergic Constriction -Anxiolytic Infusion -Psychosis -Adoration -Devotion -Transcendence

Go back to Abilities tab and evolve some resistances to accelerate the end game infections. -Drugs 1 -Heat 1 -Cold 2 -Drugs 2

Here, you already is able to finish the run with about 200 days or less. With some luck, you can win the game while evolving the final abilities. Of course, you must keep an eye on the evil islands that refuses to infect (Madagascar, New Zealand and Caribbean mainly) so if needed, send the plane to it.

And that's it! =)