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East Sussex, England


UPDATE 30/12/2020: Okay Mods have been selected:

ethanofdoom: Mod zylladys: Mod Pronoob: Verifier

Submissions are now closed, however if the need ever arises for more then I will open them again. Many thanks for everyone that submitted :) Just as an FYI we will get through the backlog, just give us time :P Thanks for the patience!

UPDATE 22/12/2020: I will choose new mods by the end of the year, I may pick one sooner, just keep an eye out! I will announce on the boards when I have made a decision.

Just wanted to throw a line to everyone...

I believe the boards could use 2 more mods on board as frankly, we need the extra hands on deck for this. We haven't been active and it isn't right, if you guys wanna run a game, the last thing you guy want is lack of acceptance of runs. So in that vein I wanted to apologies for the lack of activity.

So... The only pre-requisite is that you have an approved run or waiting to be approved (I will be clearing the backlog today).

Again, i'm sorry about the shoddy modding guys, I will try and get better with this.

Best regards,

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Where should people apply?

East Sussex, England

Just DM me :)

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East Sussex, England

ethanofdoom is our first new Mod. Say hi and keep an eye out for the next announcement!

São Paulo, Brazil

Welcome, ethanofdoom.

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Wisconsin, USA

Congrats man

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United States

Thank you all. I will be starting verifying runs today. There is quite a backlog, so recent submissions might have to wait a bit while I check the month old ones.

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São Paulo, Brazil

Wish you success, patience and good luck! =)

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East Sussex, England

FYI guys! zylladys is a our newest mod to join the team!

As ML has sadly stood down, I will be looking for one more person to take a verification role in the community. There have been a few more submissions, however if someone is still interested, please DM me :)

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Congratulations ethanofdoom and zylladys. Wish you good luck, patience, success and a fun time verifying the runs.

São Paulo, Brazil

Thanks! I will put my effort on it to make the forum better!