Dec 2020 PSA and new rules from 22/12/2020.
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Hi Guys,


Thanks for all the mod submissions. I will review shortly and appoint new mods. I will make a post once I've decided.

In the meantime please see below for a full list of rules. Of course, if anyone is unhappy with the rule changes/video proof criteria do reply in post and we can all review together:

  • Popping the 'select location bubble' will indicate the start of the run. The video must include this or it will be rejected. (Dec 2020: This includes cure mode)

  • Timing will end once the 'Victory' screen is displayed. Runs will be rejected if this is not recorded (Dec 2020: This includes cure mode).

  • In-game timer may be used, however, runs will be timed independently anyway (Dec 2020: I use WSplit, if it's down to the 0.0001 then I use amerecTV as I can do frame analysis).

  • You do not need to show what genetic modifiers are used, however, it may be useful to film this or mention in the comment for the video for others wanting to run this game (Dec 2020: this rule still stands, however, at the request of a mod, must disclose what modifiers were used. The rational being... what do you have to hide?).

From 22/12/2020 (Any runs submitted previous to this will be accepted with the exception of the Dailymotion/video link rule).

  • Only embedded links that display video - Daily motion links will not be accepted (Plus it looks tidy to have the video on the boards.).
  • No overlays on the screen (Dec 2020: I have seen at least 1 vid with a Twitch overlay, none of this please. If this causes an issue for those streaming to twitch then let me know and I can backroll this).
  • Frame rate: 30 or above please, I've seen some runs that fall below this, again for consistency please can we ensure this (Dec 2020: I feel like this should be a given, i'm drawing a line with this one unless there are special circumstances ie, a crazy, untied WR or something of the like).
  • All videos MUST have game audio (Dec 2020: I've just added this but I don't care if this was not clear before hand, it's a no brainer. EDIT: I did want this to be effective immediately, however after looking at some of the backlog of runs and at ethan's suggestion, this rule will only take effect AFTER 22/12/2020.
  • No mirroring apps allowed. If there is a strong enough case to allow these then make your voice heard. Too many variables I'm seeing that could lead to cheating.

I would like us to go into 2021 strong and approving the new mods is the first step. I'm still working through the back log of runs and if any of the pre 22/12/2020 rules are broken in these I will ignore these (with the exception of the Dailymotion/video link rule, if you don't like it, just upload on youtube. it's not hard).



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Great! I think it will be more than a guide for the new mods and verifiers. Consistency is the point we want to reach!

East Sussex, England

Regarding no audio has been added to the above. TLDR: all runs after 22/12/2020 MUST have game audio.

East Sussex, England

Update: No mirroring apps allowed if there is a stong enough case to allow these then make your voice heard. Too many variables I'm seeing that could lead to cheating.


So today I've uploaded 6 runs on youtube. Went to, clicked on the "View rules" page, saw nothing but "Time starts after clicking the start bubble on a country and ends as soon as the 'Victory' screen appears. Video is required for run approval".

My point is that the rules I saw on the "View rules" page wasn't updated according to the new rules above and I had not received any notification about this thread whatsoever. I had little to no ingame audio 'cus I had turned my volume down to the lowest long before the run was made. Do I have to do it all over again?

Thanks in advance.

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Oh dang, I will start putting in the audio, I've just had it off because of my annoying tapping noises

East Sussex, England

@LuxEterna - I can approve these runs on a one-off basis. Given the recent inactivity of the board it can be excused that you didn't know :)

@RavishingLuke - No problem dude, bring them tapping noises on!

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i have a question i can record the run with the own sistem record option or i have to use mobizen or azscreen recorder?

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@ThirdSphinx4695 you can record with your own app or system