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After some discussion, we have finally reached a conclussion about the ruleset change regarding Crime Spree runs. On the one hand, we want to keep the "complete it as fast as you can" idea while on the other hand we want to make sure it is a fun category so that people can enjoy running it. Because of that, we decided to add 2 new subcategories to the Crime Spreee leaderboards:

It's your typical Any% category, where the idea is to beat the game as fast as possible. You can spend as much coins as you want and do heists any times you want. It's basically the current ruleset.

In order to make it a fun category with variety and to avoid spending more than half of the run rerrolling until you get FBI Server or a Transport, we will add a limit of 5 rerrolls between heists and you will only be able to do the same heist once.

The speedrunning mod will be required but not allowed during the runs, as we believe being able to adapt to the situations you might be given is part of Crime Spree.
Last, I'd like to apologise for those who have had their CS runs waiting for verification for months. We will start verifying them as soon as we can!