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Official Ball 3D Speedrun Competition

In-game rewards to win in Soccer Online: Ball 3D speedruns.

Official Ball 3D Speedrun Competition
Published 3 months ago

It begins!

The developer of Soccer Online: Ball 3D - Maniek, has announced on the official Discord server of the game a competition in his title.

The competition started on 18 November and will last until the first day of 2024.

What is this game? Are there rewards? Allow me to explain.

Ball 3D is a physics-based online sports game of which the main gamemode is football/soccer with heavy emphasis on PvP aspect of the game. But of course that won't stop us, speedrunners...

It all started in 2012 when it was released as a browser game heavily inspired by HaxBall - a "2D top-down Ball 3D" also playable on your browser. Our game has experienced a lot of major updates and changes and is now on Steam, since 2017. Not very long ago B3D stopped being free-2-play. The price now is around €1/$1.1 with frequent discounts.

In-game items were introduced with chest and key drops and that's when we start speaking of rewards.

The winners (world record holders) who'll have a WR by 01.01.2024 get 100 in-game keys used to open chests with epic items.

Ah right, the goals of the competition:

  • Top 1 in Racing (1 Lap) category - real time attack of all 4 tracks available in the Racing gamemode (played on a private server)
  • Top 1 in Single Goal (Expert difficulty, Default map) - timed with IGT (played on Bots)
  • Top 1 in 10 Goals - same as above but you got to score 10 as a team (no, own goals don't count)
  • Top 1 in Tutorial - real time attack of game's tutorial

Everyone is most welcome to join in on the fun. Think you can do better than current WR and get yourself a brand new set of in-game rewards? Prove it.

Let ending of the year be truly ballin'.

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