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No Glitches Allowed 2023 is now Live!

No Holidays Allowed 2023 by No Glitches Allowed benefits Go Rescue Pet Adoption Center located in Norfolk, VA. The event will run Wednesday, December 6th-Saturday, December 9th, 2023.

AGDQ 2024 Schedule Updated W/ 2nd Submission Period Runs!

The 2nd submission period for AGDQ 2024 is over - let's dig into what's new on the schedule!

Souls Charity Marathon is back for its 7th year this December!

Souls Charity Marathon is a community speedrun event filled with Souls series speedruns, randomizers, and our special feature relay race. Come join this one-of-a-kind event in efforts to raise funds for Save the Children.

Official Ball 3D Speedrun Competition

In-game rewards to win in Soccer Online: Ball 3D speedruns.

Ghostrunner 2 $10k Challenge Highlights

We recently hosted a $10,000 Speedrun Challenge for Ghostrunner 2 lasting two weeks, let's dive into how the run progressed!

Indie Horror Speedruns Marathon 2023 Submissions Open Now

Organizers are hoping that this event is as fun as the first. The community has grown tremendously over the years and this marathon is a great way to get involved with a friendly and accessible community.

MoistCr1tikal announces new $10K challenge

The latest $10,000 speedrun challenge game is a 3rd person exploration game released this year. There are also changes to the format, replacing the glitch bounty with a race and expanding the number of prize-winning runs.

Cr1tikal's third $10K challenge shaken up by 1.5 hour skip on day 1

MoistCr1tikal has returned with his highly-anticipated third $10,000 speedrun challenge after a three-month hiatus.

6 Potential Speedgames From Steam Next Fest Feb '23

In no particular order, here are 6 games from Next Fest February 2023 that I think have great potential for speedrunning!

MoistCr1tikal Announced Yet Another $10k Speedrun Challenge

At the end of last year MoistCr1tikal hit the speedrunning community with some huge news, announcing a $10,000 speedrun challenge for a game almost no one had ever heard of before - its time for round 2.

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