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$1000 Time Bounty in Kao the Kangaroo Round 2

Community member rumii announced a bounty for achieving a 45:XX time.

$1000 Time Bounty in Kao the Kangaroo Round 2
Published 14 days ago

A Kao community member - @rumii has announced a bounty in Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2. All you have to do is get a time in the 45:XX range (loadless/LRT). So pretty much get a brand new world record and $1000 USD will be yours!


Game & Category

The game in question is Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 - the digital version which means the 2019 re-release which is on Steam. There are many differences between the retail and digital versions - that's why there are separate categories on leaderboards.

Originally a 2003 Polish 3D platformer game released on PC and consoles (GCN, PS2, Wii, & Xbox). It's safe to say it's still the best entry in the series with the most valuable WR to achieve. The game takes a young kangaroo named Kao on a journey to save his animal friends from an evil poacher.

Now we'll focus on the category - Any% Digital Version. It is exactly how it sounds like. You got to beat the game from a fresh save, using the digital Kao 2.

Time to learn

Thankfully the community has made some helpful media for beginners like tutorials and such.

Like this improvised tutorial by the former world record holder - @CubemasterXD (a bit outdated):

Or this compilation of all skips (less outdated than the previous video):

Notable New Tech

On leaderboards, a keen eye could sight this variable - quads/quadless. What does it mean?

That's a pretty fresh discovery that allows runners to perform a chain of jumps when they aren't supposed to be able to jump. Normally you can only jump twice. It is a platformer game. Try guessing how many new skips or route changes happened since this discovery :)

Here are quad jumps in action on the 4th level of the game - River Raid

Credit to @n3wt, the current WR holder on this level.


Obtain a sub 46:00 loadless time in Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 - Any% Digital Version to win $1000 USD**!** Only the first person wins. You have until the end of the year!

Any questions? Join the Discord server!

Cheers and good luck

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