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Splodey $10k Speedrun Challenge!

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Attention all 2D platformer enjoyers and speedrunners from all genres! We've got some exciting news to share – brace yourselves for the $10,000 Splodey Speedrun Challenge, brought to you in collaboration with Mad Mushroom!

Splodey $10k Speedrun Challenge!
Published 12 days ago

Get ready to dive into a challenge that’ll test your precision, reaction time, and of course - speed!

Starting Date: 10:00pm UTC June 4th, 2024

Duration: 14 days, until 11:59PM UTC June 18th, 2024

Here’s what you need to know before diving in on June 18th:

The Prize

We’ve got a unique prize distribution this time.

This time… it's all or nothing! The speedrunner with the fastest verified run by the end of the challenge will win the entirety of the $10,000 prize pool.

Please note that in order to comply with international tax law, the challenge cash prize may be subject to tax withholding based on the winner's country of residence.


Must own a legitimate copy of Splodey.

Open to players aged 18 and above worldwide, with the following exceptions: North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, and Venezuela.

Lurkit Campaign

Qualified creators may use the Splodey Lurkit Campaign to get a key.

  • Streams (Twitch & YouTube) - 10 average concurrent viewers
  • Videos (YouTube) - 1,000 average views


The featured category in this challenge will be Any% in which you will need to beat the base game (4 worlds, 100 levels total) as fast as possible. Secret levels and Bonus World will not be required. For you new speedrunners, Any% essentially means beat the game as fast as you possibly can within the limits of the game. This includes glitches and exploits. If you would like further clarification please refer to the category rules on the challenge leaderboard. Some updates may have to be made to the ruleset depending on the development of the route over the coming weeks - but the spirit of the category will remain the same. Any updates to the ruleset will be communicated to participants as they are made


Record your speedrun and submit it via our Challenge leaderboard here on

Although not required, you are encouraged to show a timer on screen for your submission.

Follow the guidelines provided for video formatting and submission requirements, found in the rules section.

Rules and Regulations:

All speedruns must adhere to the official rules, available on the Challenge leaderboard.

Contest Rules:

Category Rules:


In case you aren’t aware of what a challenge is in the context of, a Challenge leaderboard functions similarly to the regular leaderboards you're already familiar with. However, we've made a few layout adjustments to cater to the time-sensitive nature of challenges and the inclusion of prize pools.

Preparation Suggestions

To follow the challenge as well as find tips & tricks for the speedrun, visit the Splodey Challenge leaderboard right here on and the Splodey Discord server

Good luck, and have fun speedrunners! :)

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