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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Forum  /  "Equipmentless", unique IL category?
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What means "equipmentless"? I dont know if that name fits to this "category", but I still dont get better name for it.

Its category, where you must start without anything. No primary and secondary weapons, no support weapons and no items. But not only this. Here are list, what you can and cannot do/use:

- You can't start with Primary and Secondary weapons, Support weapons and items.
- You can't start with Buddy and Vehicle.
- You can't play as Raiden or Cyborg Ninja and can't wear Bandana (also Infinity Bandana) or Parasite suit
- You can't use Supply drops, Buddy supports, Fire supports and Helicopter supports (Helicopter ONLY for pickup)
- You must disable "Reflex mode"

- You can use everything you will find DURING mission (Weapons and vehicles) but you CAN'T prepare anything before mission (like stole a vehicle or use supply drop before mission)
- You can wear any clothes you like (except these what i mentioned above)
- You can play as Snake or Mother Base Soldier (With Snake you can use ONLY Bionic Arm, no matter if stock, silver or gold)´

Why it should be added to categories?
Well, Any% is classic, you can use everything you want. Any% S - Rank is the same like Any% but you can't use some items. All tasks let you use everything you want, like any% but you must complete all tasks. Perfect Stealth, no kills, again, you can use everything like in All tasks and Any%. No Traces, pretty similar like Any%, All tasks and Perfect stealth, no kills. So you are able to fill up to 4 categories with one run. It let you use OP items that make runs very easy and monotonously way to play every category.

"Equipmentless" is totally different with this. You must find new (usually harder) way to complete mission as fastest as you can. I think this is what is missing in leaderboards, that extreme category which is does not resemble to the others.

I made runs to prove difference between existing categories. It's a "new" way of playing. Also I agree with adding rules like "Disable HUD" or "Disable crosshair" to make it even harder.






  [user deleted]

Personally I’m not really for this. Taking the very slowest approach (albeit more difficult in most cases) is not befitting of a speedrun. More or less a challenge type run, done with haste. If it comes down to a vote with the mods, mine is a no, I’m afraid. I like the runs you posted and they look cool, but I think it’s adding yet another category to a board that has a good few too many as it is. Maybe if the game got more popular it could be revisited.

  [user deleted]

And I’d like to point out that yes, you absolutely could fill up to 4 categories in one run, but, you wouldn’t have a very competitive time if you posted a PSNK run to Any%. The same can be said for a category like this. If you meet the requirements for Any%, Any% S rank etc you could just submit one run in several categories. Effectively this is just any of those categories but you don’t use an item or weapon. (Also camo is technically equipment so...)

  [user deleted]

And finally (damn I hate thinking of stuff after I post a response) there’s several missions that REQUIRE you use equipment to complete them. Therein lies the biggest issue, we can’t have a category that pertains to only certain levels. Again, a very nice idea but it just wouldn’t work.


Mine runs are slow, that's because I'm the first who tried it. I believe it can be done more faster and I can't imagine what would players invent. I understand your "no", it's okay. I know this is not fitting to the all levels but in these missions can be an exception for example Mission 1, where you must start with buddy (horse) or Mission 12, where you must use helicopter to attack, so it can be done "Equipmentless" with these exceptions. Camo is equipment, but it don't gives any benefit (some HUGE benefit). Rules can be modified, the point is still the same: Start without anything. I still believe It's much interesting to add it. My opinion 🙂

  [user deleted]

Right, but then we’re getting into altering the rule set for some missions because it doesn’t make it possible otherwise. Sorry, but it’s not a viable category in my opinion.


Ok, then we still must wait what about moderators. I hope they will understand why I want to add it 🙂 .

  [user deleted]

Well, you’re speaking with one now. I’ll consult with the other mods and see what they say. I think OCM already answered you before and didn’t seem too bothered one way or another?


...... I now understand why MGS:V speedrunning is almost dead. Just you, the mods, doing what only YOU want. I just suggested "classic" category, this category is in many games, that one hardcore category. Im tired of rushing everything with Raiden on Walker gear, thats not interesting, it is in every category. Its funny how someone tried to make a change (Only one category, not big change anyway) in half-dead game and mods are againist of this idea... I thought mods of this great game are motivated to push speedrunning of this game to the limits, it is "Tactical Espionage Action", no "Walker Gear Racing"! Some challenge guys, not hyped, only me? Damn, okay, you're the mods by the way, Im just "Hyped Runner" then.

So guys, that's my opinion. If category will be added or not, thats up to you. By the way, I will CONTINUE in my "dream" equipmentless category, no matter if I will be 20 minutes behind WR, I really enjoy that way of playing and sadly, you don't see this in same way. If you enjoy this, then it's everything ok 🙂 . Have fun!

  [user deleted]

Uh.. you do know what a speedrun is dont you? This isn’t a show off your epic no scope headshots board. Thread locked. Mods will discuss the potential for the category and let you know.

  [user deleted]

The category had been added as a misc for the time being. I will review the popularity in the next couple of weeks, but should it remain that only you post runs to it, then I’ll remove it again. I’m not big on having too many categories, especially empty ones. you can work with me and the other mods on deciding on some fair rules for the category.

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You know guys, how much you suprised me? 😃 . Mods of other games are sometimes SUPER aggressive and dont know about the whole game and speedrunning nothing. I will be 2 days out, then I'll prepare something 🙂

I was thinking about that No Traces category. If you hate too many categories, what about to edit No Traces? Problem is, OCM already did a lot of runs and results will be that his runs will be invalid, so not great idea then. I want it merge together, like No Traces with this rules, but forget it.

Are exceptions allowed? Like small exceptions, in 1 Mission you must start with horse, of course, you can leave him, so it can be did it like "You cant use buddy, horse". Let me just adjust it, I dont want to make it unfinished.

(edited: )

Rules [WIP] [Edited 3rd April]

You must complete mission fastest as you can and start without anything. What you'll find it's up to you.

EQUIPMENT [Sortie Prep]:
- No Primary Weapons
- No Secondary Weapons
NOTE #1: Prosphetic arm allowed: Bionic Arm, Bionic arm (silver) and Bionic arm (gold)
NOTE #2: Primary (Hip) and Secondary weapon you cant unequip without mod. You are allowed to equip these weapons but you are not allowed to use. Just find another weapon during mission and swap it.
- No Buddy allowed
- No Vehicle allowed
- Raiden, Cyborg Ninja, Parasite Suit Uniforms not allowed
NOTE: Tuxedo is allowed WITHOUT Bandana and Infinity Bandana.
+ Tools allowed
+ Snake and Mother Base Soldiers allowed

- Supply Drop not allowed
- Buddy Support not allowed
- Fire Support not allowed
- Helicopter (Air Support) not allowed
- Reflex Mode must be disabled
+ Helicopter (Pick Up) allowed
+ ALL weapons, vehicles found during mission you can use
+ You can start from ACC or Free Roam mode
NOTE: You can't prepare anything before starting missions (like stole a vehicle before mission)

EXCEPTIONS [To meet mission requirements in some missions]:
Mission 0 - Prologue: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 1 - Phantom Limbs: You MUST dismiss D-Horse after the starting cutscene.
Mission 2 - Diamond Dogs: You can use primary and secondary weapon, supply drop too.
Mission 3 - A Hero's Way: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 4 - C2W: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 5 - Over the Fence: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 6 - Where Do the Bees Sleep: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 7 - Red Brass: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 8 - Occupation Forces: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 9 - Backup Back Down: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 10 - Angel With Broken Wings: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 11 - Cloaked in Silence: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 12 - Hellbound: You can use helicopter's minigun to shoot at Sahelanthropus
Mission 13- Pitch Dark: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 14 - Lingua Franca: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 15 - Footprints of Phantoms: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 16 - Traitors Caravan: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 17 - Rescue the Intel Agents: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 18 - Blood Runs Deep: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 19 - On the Trail: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 20 - Voices: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 21 - The War Economy: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 22 - Retake the Platform: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 23 - The White Mamba: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 24 - Close Contact: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 25 - Aim True Ye Vengeful: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 26 - Hunting Down: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 27 - Root Cause: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 28 - Code Talker: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 29 - Metallic Archaea: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 30 - Skull Face: NO EXCEPTIONS
Mission 31 - Sahelanthropus: NO EXCEPTIONS

If you found some mistake, let me know. 🙂


I know more about this game than anyone else here. Taking off or editing no traces will never happen and if it did I'd drop from mods. I actually asked for a long time for that category to be added and did countless runs before it was added. No Traces doesn't need to have any more rules because it is an actual mission bonus score. As for adding naked I was against. I feel as though we covered the basis of the game without it becoming too over complicated. But if the mods agreed to add it than that's fine. These are a bunch of rules and I wonder how many people will actually be turned away due to that. I'm not sure why you must dismiss the horse if you just don't use him but I guess it'd dq it. Either way I hope you continue tp submit the runs for this category.

(edited: )

Dismiss horse is about 2 seconds and a few clicks. Anyway, ok, it doesnt need to be dismissed, you cant start first mission without horse so people can think "Oh, i can use him". Prologue is equipmentless, so every run met requirements for this category. Rules are still WIP and I'm sure it will be written more better than now. I'm working to make run for every mission in this category, I made few missions but not with good time, only Mission 3.
EDIT: Noone wants to edit No traces, since mods made new category, thinks are easier.


I love this idea

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It's already created under name "Subsistence".

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