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List of practice saves for any%: E6 Before Da Smasei Laman, E7-10 Quiet skip practice, E12 Delivery point before mission, E13 Before Mission, E14 Ground start, E16 Ground start, E18 After cutscene, E18 Ground start, E19 Ground start, E20 Man on Fire, E21 Before Mission, and saves before and after Sahelantropus fight (direct download)
This rar file contains 21 saves, ranging all the way from Phantom Limbs to after Mission 31. These saves are for use with previous versions of the game to practice routing and using the Chopper Glitch. (direct download)
Made mostly by Strafe with small changes by myself. One file contains a nearly maxed resource count with all items and upgrades unlocked. The other file is the run I use for NG+ PSNK runs with special glitch weapons created, lowered revenge system settings, and the base containing Miller vandalized for an easier early Phantom Limbs in the run. (direct download)
Savefile in between prologue and Mission 1. Run timing starts from continuing from the 1st load screen (direct download)
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