Leaderboard Update
6 years ago
North Carolina, USA

Just a quick note on what was discussed and changed as a result of my suggestions.

Leaderboards have been split into PC and Console due to the differences being too difficult to determine. The faster the runs the more complex I found it to time properly. In doing this we hope to bring encouragement to new and old runners who have visited but opted out due to it being a "pain" to time. This mostly applies to Individual Level times. The only instance you should use custom timing is if a Phantom Cigar was used to skip time. If that is the case the timing is as follows:

Leaving the mission area on land- First frame of camera change.

Leaving the mission area on chopper- When the chopper door closes.

Leaving the mission area on a materials crate- When the first frame for the fulton prompt disappears.

Leaving the mission area by box- First frame into black.

As for missions with cuts scene(s) where you use the Phantom Cigar just simply cut the time between scenes.

Missions with cut scenes- First frame into black/First frame of camera change - first frame from black.

In the near future I will make a thread with more in depth timing for each and every individual level and full game categories.

I have also added that offline mode be a qualification from here on out for these full game categories:

Any% First Ending

First Ending, Perfect Stealth, No Kills

All Missions S-Rank

All Missions

The reason for this is because of FOB Event weapons. If you developed them before starting a new game run then they are available at first mission sortie when online.

I am honestly undecided with 100% runs because I am uncertain if it is needed to complete that run. I will discuss this with other moderators.

As for the helicopter skip glitches in older versions of the game I will be discussing with moderators on how to handle this. One has already been beaten on PC without the glitch but not on the console yet where the run was preformed.

Lastly, I will be resubmitting everyone's times based on the platform they were preformed on. This takes time and your patients is appreciated. So don't worry about your times! They are safe! ;)

If there are any questions or suggestions then please leave them on this thread and I will reply ASAP!

Thank you! -OneCoolMan

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