Speedrun-related tricks
8 years ago

I'm curious to see if anyone has found any glitch/skip or whatnot that might be useful for speedrunning the game eventually, and if so can it be reproduced or was it recorded?

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The weapon customization bug is useful for ILs. It's a shame that they seem to have done away with time leaderboards, when they were so good in Ground Zeroes. It also kinda sucks that repeating a mission over and over really drains your resources.

For full game stuff:

That's all I've seen so far.


Mmmm i don't really have time right now but i think ill test a few places with the d-horse clip, it might be interesting to look into that

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Something else I came across:

Occasionally it seems as though story cutscenes can be triggered by replaying old missions rather than doing new ones. For instance, I managed to trigger the cutscene where Huey finishes building the Battle Gear by replaying an old Chapter 2 mission I'd beaten earlier.

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Have fun.

I have other ideas with it but it will wait or be tested by somebody else.

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how do you that trick?!

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Hm you don't understand it from the video? I can do a step by step if you want though... I am very bad at explaining things.


Pewable. Are you looking for a boyfriend by any chance ? Because i think i'm slowly falling in love with you.

Hit me up on Skype: Bre3zeR i think we could work together on those poor glitches that you are hunting.


@Soliduz You first use the Vehicle glitch wich is

  1. use the Wormhole fulton on a vehicle.
  2. right after that use the EMN mine on the Vehicle BEFORE he's extracted. (this is really easy to do) BTW if you don't know that glitch, it make the vehicule indestructible really useful for MO 45 for exemple.

After doing that you need to equip a regular fulton(the one with balloons) that doesn't have wormhole. As if you happend to not switch it, you will be forced to exit the vehicule.

3)get inside the vehicle after switching to a regular fulton. 4) ask for another vehicule. Wich remove your previous vehicule. (wich you happend to be in.)

  1. you are out of the hotzone. Congrats.

I'll dig into the game to see in wich mission that could be worth it, because the Stun duration + the switch of equipement is kinda of costly time wise.

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Thanks for explaining! I am ok though,9 years with the same girlfriend :v . I need to do some testing but I think it can be faster than:

Calling the chopper running to the chopper going into the chopper waiting for it to move waiting for it to go out of the hot zone

on some missions, like the first one with Miller maybe.

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thx for the step by step guide. I wasn't clear, I was asking for the last part with fultoning.


mission 6 il runs: call in fulton next to jeep that should be standing in the middle of enemy base (lol) while approching in chopper... do wormhole+EM glitch and take other fulton... do horse glitch... get honeybee... once skulls spawn, activate nightvision, get in invisi-jeep, call in new jeep... good bye skulls?

gonna test this tonight... should save 1-2 minutes over the current 4:16

if the jeep doesnt spawn at the lz at the start i guess you have to call it in together with the fulton


holy shit... does it work with emmerich in mission 12? no more salopopotrolus hide'n'seek? plssssss

i fukin hate that last part of mission 12... if you could extract emmerich using this metod id be so happy :D

anybody test this yet?

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I tried with Miller yesterday and he went to space then fell from it, it should do the same thing with Emmerich.

You can leave the mission where you fight the Man of Fire like that though.


damn... now im sad :P

another idea i had was putting a person on d-horse, then glitching through a wall using d-horse and then calling d-horse oob with the target on him... this way you could maybe get around the trigger for the hide'n'seek part of the mission... probably not though.

is it possible to call d-horse while OoB? is it possible to call d-horse with a target on him while oob?

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I think Miller will still be on the horse even if you call him for far away, but not Emmerich. Also, the horse doesn't go OOB. Not if you are just 10 meters away anyways, he will spawn behind the walls.


@dekkuking doesn't work in the skull part sadly, Ocelot tell you that he's abording the mission, how ever it does work for mission 10 but that is useful only for Perfect Stealth i'd say


does it work once your past the skulls? maybe you could call the fulton-box in advance and then drive outta the skull fight with the jeep?

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You can leave the fight with the Man on Fire like that (even if you are in the chopper in the cuscene) so yeah it should work.