Things you should know about MGSV
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Last edit: 04/10/2015 @ 12:55 |_ Vehicule glitches | Acceleramine info (FoxHoud section) | A Quiet exit strat (FoxHound section) | D-Walker Smoke set up |_ | This post is a quick and (Not so)short tips and tricks:


---Burkov TB: Is probably the best Tranq gun in the game. Why ? Because it's semi auto. That mean you don't have to rearm it between every shots. Allowing you to shoot in a quick succesions 13 Tranq darts. But The IronSight is trash

---Brennan & Serval AMR-7: Are a 12.7 caliber meaning those are made to take down light armored vehicule. Wich you might know. What you probably don't is that it can be used to instantly open Locked Door, or break down watchtowers, fences, gates. What does make it even better is the AMR variation wich is a semi-auto, just customize it put a nice silencer (unlocked by the last rank of the Brennan) on it and you have an 1 HIT kill for pretty much every npc in the game (A part for Skulls and Quiet), picklocking by pass, fences destroyer. A weapon of choice. (Anti-Riot Dudes get rekt by it. Even in the foot.)

---Tranq Darts: Tranq Dart doesn't ricochet has a bullet will therfore doesn't alert enemies being under fire. It's really useful to precisely distract a Long rang target, like sniper. I use this trick for the First checkpoint / Gate in MO 30 Skull Face I distract 4 peoples on the fly with D-Walker dual tranq gun while rushing in i also use that trick in MO 27 Root of the problem.

If you use the Burkov TB, aim for the legs if you land 2 succesives shot just run toward an enemy even if he sport you and alert, he won't trigger an alert. I think it's safer and might be faster to aim for the lowest part of enemies. As enemies LOVE to shake their head around. A LOT.

---Twinbarrel shotgun stun is 2 minutes where the S1000 (That can be suppres unlike the TwinBarrel) only lasts for 25 or so seconds. (Thanks to Bulletti for this input)

---Sleeping grenades & Smoke: go through walls. allowing you to suppres indoors enemies.

---Smoke grenades: Smoke grenades can be stuck in top, of vehicule making the player totaly invisible. It also work with D-Walker wich is even more useful. See skull face IL peacenik runs to see how to setup this "trick".

------Misc: ---The Following snipers rifles can mount Grenad launcher lethal or Non-Lethal: AM MRS-71 Rifle, AM MRS-73 Rifle, AM MRS-73 NL and Bambetov SV. Launchers also prevent drum mags. (Thanks to Bulletti for this input)


---Bionic Arms: The stun arm at his last rank can be charge up to 3 times. the 3rd time as intresting property wich are: The arm no longer stun in front of you, but in an HUGE AOE around you 40 meters~ stunning all enemies for more than 3 minutes (Probably 6) this work against enemy inside building, under tents, etc. (Thanks to Hikari MGS for making me look into it.)

---Consumable: Consumable can be used and "Stacked" i didn't test it but i think they still have max duration wich mean for exemple: in Quiet fight you could spam you Pentazémine eating all 10 (at max rank) to have it last till the end without refreshing it during the fight. I use this trick, in some of my runs, chocking up all my pills in the chopper before landing.

-Stealth Camo: Stealth Camo last 180 secondes what you might not know is that using the Parasite suit is a better alternative as the Camo mod can be used & stacked an aren't cancel by enemies shots unlike the Stealth Camo. Only down side of the Camo mod of the Parasite suite is that: 1 it said to lowering your rank to A (wich is false, and is a bug) 2 you have to farm the Skulls post CodeTalker to deploy it. Where Stealth Camo is only Precious metal.


---Buddy spawning manipulation: When calling your buddy try to never have him, or his icon in you FOV(field of view) since he will most likely run toward you. It's usefull in MO 13 & 47 Pitch Dark and in MO 30 if you land by chopper.

--- D-Horse: If you'r leaning on the side of D-Horse you can clip through straight wall. Can be useful to find skips.

  When you'r leaning on the side of D-Horse and a sniper is watching you, he will spot you. even if you don't move. This can somehow be avoid by clipping brifly through a wall.

--- D-Walker:

  Holding the aim button with D-Walker allow you to strafe. Making him one of the best mean to move in the game.

To my knowledge strafing with D-Walker doesnt make him faster. It allow you however to avoid some colision with rocks when you'r on the side. But it might cost you time as your trajectory might be a little off.

D-Walker Stungun go through walls, and got a little AOE around his beam touching everybody in the range. It's possible to hit multiple enemies with it See my IL run of Red Brass.

If D-walker is facing the wrong way at the start of a mission or when you mount him, you don't loose time (on pc at least) you may even win time as when aiming in the back(Or side 90°~) of him and spamming the sprint button make him skip his starting animation.

If you can manage it, jumping of D-Walker is as fast as stopping him(Stopping him also make noise) and getting off, turn right at the last moment, and try to launch you in a good spot. With the above trick, you'r already scrapping secondes.

---Glitch It's possible to land a smoke grenade on top of D-Walker and make the player invisible (but not D-Walker as the enemies will shot D-Walker.) With a very simple setup that work everytime. To work every time you need

  1. A straight wall so you dont have to deal with physic of the bounce of the Smoke grenade going left and right

  2. behind lined up with D-Walker 3)Be at the edge of 15 to 16 meters. 4)Use the Throw trajectory line to line up your shot perfectly at the center, and make sure that it's visible under the diamond icon of your buddy. Video Ref:

-----------------------------------------------------------Game Mechanics:----------------------------------------------------

---Carboard Box: The Cardboard Box can be use to fast travel in the world. Those are the Orange Platform with a Sign Post on it. When you approach the sign you will be prompted to take a note. You need the note to the place you want to go to use this trick. Important: Note that spaming tje Crounch/stance button will allow you to skip half of the audio track(and half of the loading) when fast traveling ! (Thanks to Mr_Snawk for this) It's Useful in 3 missions: Phantom limbs, Hellbound & Pitch Dark. (It also could be used in" MO3 A hero's way" to exit the HotZone. However it doesn't work in the Honey Bee mission after killing the skulls. you have to take the chopper. FastTravel cannot be used when the enemies are in alert or Combat status or if a guard is investigating something he find wierd, you know like dead bodies.

---Worth mentioning: Using the cardboard trick, deny you the advantage of checkpoints. It shouldn't be an issue in IL, but can be an issue in RTA Single Segment full runs.

--- Character differences: Those number come from the official guide. And might have been change since the guide impression is made before the game release i didn't test it in game either. I belive those number are still true for what i saw.

Athlete perk of a diamond dog soldier is +20% of sprint speed & jump distance.

the Big Boss mobility arm (Lvl1: Reflex longer +1sec, Lvl2: +20% faster when crawling, climbing, and moving while on cover, Lvl3: +20% move speed & jump distance.

(Note that if those number are right there is no reason AT ALL to use a diamond dogs soldier. when Big Boss got Mobility3, Accurcy 3 the reload one, the quick draw of the accurcy upgrade are equivalent to the diamond dogs soldiers and so is the climbing perk. So you can have 4 perks + Sonar + a sweet bionic arm of your choice.(If you don't like poor Venom, and don't like your avatar, you can remake him from the customize menu in the ACC)

GrayFox is 30%Sprint speed & Jump distance bumping into a soldier while sprinting make im fall.

Raiden is 50% sprint speed & jump distance bumping into a soldier while sprinting make him fall.


Checkpoints change a lot of thing in the game. The position of enemies and sometime the number of enemies. It can be useful, or ruin everything.

Remember that ranking in ILs(Individual Level) is IGT (In game time) and that when you'r loading this timer isn't running. (Wich is only fair. since the ladder is crossplatform PS3 is the slowest load speed, and an PC with and SSD the fastest.)

It's sometime useful to skip event See my run of the White Mamba in the ladder, or the next level of it with the run of TheEnglishMan. I did discover that it work to skip the walking simulator with CodeTalker. Didn't upload a run of it yet.

---Chopper :

Chopper upgrades are importants. The highest his body lvl the faster he is deployed in the map to pick you up: Lv1 is 20 secondes before deployment, Lv2 is 15 secondes before deployment, Lv3 is 10 secondes, Lv4 is 5secondes, and level 5 is Of course 0 seconde.

Redirecting a chopper or calling a chopper in an "hotzone" (the one that you unlock by shutting down the anti-air radars) doesn't limit your rank. This idea came to me as i was watching HIKARI MGS MO 1 when he call in the chopper in the hotzone ( ) :

It's Useful for 2 reasons The chopper can kill peoples it doesn't count toward your kills(Be aware that Pequod is kinda random he doesnt always kill the same amount of enemys, or the same enemys), and your favorite track going through the speakers isn't probably the one enemys like. As they will be all facing toward the heli wich is really useful to "stealth" with your lovely decoy chopper (That only cost me around 70K every time he die at max upgrades, man that casette tape cost a lot) i also suggest shotting down your chopper if it's in fire and call another one right away as sometime it will randomly stop being in fire, and most of the time blow with you inside.

If Pequod is landing and you wish him not to, shot him he will quickly go back up. Not sure if that's useful.

--- Containers: You can extract the mission area on top of containers, move on top and Hold E or the Action button and you will extract with the container. It always faster than the chopper if you have the option in range. As the chopper lifting up and leaving the hotzone count in your ingame time.

--- How respawning of items in the world work: Container, windows, watchtower, generator, plants etc respawn after 5 missions. If something is missing just play a couple of missions C2W is the best idlying one IMO. While i think returning to mother base also count.

It could also be used prior of a mission to make it easier.

--- Locked Doors: If you don't have acces yet to the Brennan spaming your E key, or action button make the picklocking faster.

---Skulls: You can "stun" all the skulls if you call in an rain air strike. this trick only work 1 time per mission.

You could also use the Water gun to stun a skull.

In MO 16 you don't have to kill the skulls, you can, either fulton the truck, and leave on a containers near by or chopper, or drive the truck out of the hotzone.

In CodeTalker missions Normal and Extreme leaving one or more skull alive make the soldier become pupets after meeting him.

---Stealth, and how an enemy can or cannot spot you:

MGSV got a pretty wide variety of factor that make you more or less likely to being seen by an enemy: Order from the worst to the best Stealth modifier: ------Stances: -60 when sprinting. -30 when running (standing and moving without the sprint button) -10 Walking (Standing and sneaking) +0 Standing and not moving +10 when crounch & moving +20 when crounch & not moving. +30 While crawling +60 While crawling & not moving. ------Environement: -60 Shooting without a suppresor on a weapon -60 A maned spotlight is on you. -40 when the enemy shot a flair with the mortar -20 you are in a light source (floor lamp) +10 In the darkness (Shadow) +10 while it's the Night +10 leaning on something (even while standing) +10 wearing the appropriate camo suit. +10 Being in a cardboard box with the appropriate camo +20 half your body is in grass/bush +30 All your body is in grass/bush.

Note that enemies will see you no matter what is your "Stealth" index if there are within 10m (8m at night)

------Worth mentioning: Enemies can see you as far as 80 meters. Sniper is 120m if i'm not mistaking. Bosses have various ranges depending of who he/she is. An enemy who talk with someone got his spot range reduce to 10 meters. Sprinting with Big Boss is the same sound radius as Galloping with D-Horse (30 meters) Empty mags have a 15 meters sound radius. Crounching and walking is 4,5 meters sound radius ! While sneaking you cannot be heared.


---4x4 & Trucks Shooting wheels will brefly stun the drivers, and passager of a car. Shooting a car to the point where it take fire, and kill people around when it blow up it doesn't count as a kill.

---Gltiches It's possible to land a smoke grenade on a vehicle to render the player invisible. (See Skull face IL)

You can render a vehicle invincible with a really simple glitch. First you need to fulton with wormhole the vehicule, then use the EMN-Mine(The Stun one) asap on the vehicle. This glitch make the skin of the vehicle dissapear, how ever it doesn't make you invisible. (Thanks to the user Pewable ( ) to finding that !(I highly suggest you drop by in his youtube channel for the dumbest, and hottest glitch ever.))

------------------------------------------------------Missions tricks:----------------------------------------------------------- ---MO 06 There is a clip with D-Horse that allow you to get to the Honey Bee way faster. See the full game run of Pykn (NG first ending Perfect Stealth)

---MO 11 after taking quiet out, you don't have to confirm if she's down, and sit through 5 extra cutscene. You can just leave the hotzone and still make it to the score board.

---MO 20 It's possible to leave by foot in this mission, rush a water tank, shoot it, and fulton Volgin(I'm using wormhole for this trick not sure if this is an must have) run toward the tunel, and he won't be able to destroy it as the fulton will stun him longer.

---MO 23 Using a checkpoint after picking up the White Mamba will make your chopper scale on your actual deployment rate rather than the scripted one. See also another trick for Any% that allow you to skip the White Mamba fight, even if you got spotted and alert the enemies (See IL from TEM).

---MO 28 & 48 Code Talker -As soon as you get Code Talker you can use a checkpoint to skip his speech wich will allow you to sprint rather than walking.

-It's possible to clip with D-Horse to Code-talker room and gain a couple of secondes if you manage to do it first try.

---MO 41 Using the phantom cigar will make all vehicules that you need to destroy go to the airfield.

---MO 45 A quiet exit Normaly in MO 45 you shouldn't be able to call in a chopper to pick you up, but there is a trick that allow you to do so, right after the first cutscene use check point, wich will enable a spot to call in Pequod and look at Pequod making your enemies think twice before sendings tanks against chopper.

---------------------------------------------------------Category Related:----------------------------------------------------- ------FoxHound:

The usage of Acceleramine void your Perfect Stealth No kill. Don't use it.

---A kill, but not a kill: ---The following aren't count toward a kill for the game: Destroying any armored vehicule (Except 4x4 and Truck if you'r using a Rocket Launcher). Shooting a WatchTower down with someone inside. Redirecting your chopper in an hotzone to having him kill peoples. Shooting a car or Truck that will be in fire then blowing up and kill people around it. Using a shotgun, and making someone fall from an height that kill him. If you use a Lehal weapon, aim for the 2 legs, and knock out the soldier, a dying soldier wich is stuned, doesnt bleed out as fast. Tranqing someone leading to his death (Drowning falling etc) doesn't count as a kill.

---An Alert that Doenst count as an alert: -D-Walker is the only buddy when Idle can be spoted and shoot by enemies. Call him Decoy Octo-walker. This might be useful in some situation, he is also a good road blockable for tanks. as a tank will shot him once, and hug him.

-Being Spotted by Armor Skulls, or Mist Skulls doesnt count as an alert. Camo Skulls does count (The Sniping one).

Quick facts: You cannot kill Waifu (Quiet) in the cutscene as it count as a kill, but you can lethaly sniper her in the previous portion of gameplay.

All mission can be done by FoxHound Standard. Except Mission 43 where you'r force to kill your poor staff. But it doesn't ruin the state of your Single Segment run in Foxhound if you'r doing one. Because there isn't any ranking in it. As 02 and 22 but 22 got the PSNK rating so you need to meet at least this requirement.

MO 45 A Quiet Exit might seems impossible at first because of the AOE of rocket launchers. but just switch your rocket launcher for an Serval AMR-7 Allowing you precise shoots it will only take around 130 shots to get it done YAY... Worth mentioning is that in a Quiet Exit after the first cutscene, you'r automaticly spoted. BUT, this doesnt count as an alert. ( quality is poor because of fast skipping and my stream being in 25 FPS at this moment) Worth mentioning is that using the Vehicule glitch is way easier that using the serval. Has nobody can spot you in mission 45.


If you don't, for some reason need the AMR, the M2000 sniper at the last grade tranqs within 1-2 seconds even on an arm or a leg hit. Good choice for peacenik.

Another good option for a primary is the UN ARC NL with a stun/sleep launcher on it. Massive radius on stun grenades and they won't cause combat alerts. Shoot behind a Walker Gear to incapacitate pilot. Riot suits are not a match, either.

Semi-auto tranq sniper can also mount a grenade launcher.

Need the last Brennan grade to unlock the suppressor for the Serval. Shoot a riot suit in the leg to incapacitate without killing, just remember to fulton him or finish before he dies.

People you indirectly drown (tranq into a river or a puddle) do not count as kills.

Parasite suit does not lower rank by itself. Only the stealth camo parasite does that, meaning mist and armor can still get you an S.

Twinbarrel shotgun stun is 2 minutes and the S1000 only lasts for 25 or so seconds.

EDIT: Just to add; You can remake the avatar from the customize menu in the ACC, no need to replay the prologue.

Box travel is also VERY useful in mission 13 and saves a small amount of time in mission 2 as well.

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Also, for those of us playing versions that allow for custom soundtracks - get creative with your music choices if it doesn't waste time. For me at least choosing the right music for Pequod is half the fun of doing these runs.

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@Bulletti Adding your input right now, could you give me a name for the semi auto Snipers ? Thank you for your help.


The semi-autos that can mount a launcher: AM MRS-71 Rifle, AM MRS-73 Rifle, AM MRS-73 NL and Bambetov SV. Basically any rifle that can mount a barrel with an undermount except the ultra-short versions. Launchers also prevent drum mags.

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I thought I'd point this out since a number of people seem to miss this:

The D-Pad allows you to use shortcuts for your most recently used iDroid commands. With two presses of the up arrow, you can immediately set the map to the LZ selection for Pequod, for instance, or call for a resupply.

(Not sure what the equivalent KBM commands are)


If anyone has any questions about pretty much anything about the game, just ask. I have almost 200 hours logged at 92%, so there is very little I don't yet know.


@Tem to my knowledge there isn't anything like that for pc.

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There is, you just use W/S to select an option and space to confirm. It's not exactly a hidden feature.


oh you mean to resupply, call a chopper, place / removes markers ? I though more like "Air strike" things like this. I use it a lot too.

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Yeah, it's not a dynamic list of your most frequently used options, but a static list populated by those options they expect you to use the most.


That is right since those are the only one i use in all my runs.


Correction to my earlier post: Twinbarrel and Uragan both last for 6 minutes and S1000 lasts for 30 seconds.


Added a couple of things: Mission related tricks. Smoke grenade tricks. Stun arm mechanics.


Added: Vehicule glitches Acceleramine info (FoxHoud section) A Quiet exit strat (FoxHound section) D-Walker Smoke setup.